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Harness Vs Martingale Collar

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from what i am reading i think your problem may lie in the LEASH! the size of the clasp- if it's too big and a combo of way too many tags might be the answer. i personally have found that the thinner the collar the faster the message of correction goes to your dog. it may take the walker a while to get used to a thinner collar. but for a male, a 1" or 1.5" is more than enough collar. i do like the 2 ring martingales by lupine- one ring for tags, the other for the leash but not their leads. i perfer biothane leashes right now. i've been converted i used leather or cotton web(during the hot weather) for 40 years, bought 2 biothane leads and LOVE THEM. a 5/8" heavy duty lead either biothane or leather will work beautifully. if your dog must wear all of the tags a simple thin tag collar worn lower on the neck will provide a safe place for all of the info, a thinner martingale and a good lead w/ a smaller clasp should work well. i personally HATE harnesses and will use it on an injured dog.


some resouces

http://www.k9noz.com/- write to bud if interested, he also sells a nice gripper leash. i'm thinking of getting one of his martingale collars. i have the neon yellow lead, it's reflective at night!

http://www.lupinepet.com/combo-collar-2/ usually the medium size fits a greyhound

http://www.max200.com/max_storefront/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=149-- this is where many obedience/training schools purchase their leather leads, any size, lenght thickness is availalbe at greyt prices. you will most likely feel comfortable w/ the 3/4"

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I use 2" or 1.5" martingales on my greyhounds as they're all really well behaved on lead (I can't take credit for that - the folks on the greyhound farms and at the track get the credit for their good manners!), but, I do own a Premier SureFit harness. I bought it originally for taking Ace swimming :) I keep it in our arsenal though, as there have been times when someone has had a neck issue and I don't want to put a collar on them for heading to the vet's office.


However, I would not hesitate to get the WWW harness for my big kids if I felt we needed one for walking. They're excellently designed and when adjusted correctly a dog would have to have detachable limbs to be able to get out of it.


I walk my iggies with the WWW harnesses - they pull SO HARD on their 1" martingales it's terrible and they're going to hurt their necks. They walk calmly with the harnesses on, no pulling at all.


A note to anyone looking for a WWW retailer in their area...if you can't find one and/or can't find someone online to order from, send an email. I was having a hard time finding what I needed for my iggies, and Alisha helped me...it was awesome. You probably won't have a tough time ordering greyhound sizes online though :)

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I use a lightweight house collar with my contact details on an agility tag attached to it so there is nothing dangling and a fishtail collar for when Grace is on the lead.

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This is an old thread but it's worth bringing back up.


I prefer to use slip leads for walking, specifically Mendota 1/2" slip leads with a leather stop. The stop keeps the loop from hanging loose or falling off when slack, and if they try to back out of it the slip lead will tighten as much as it needs to.


I had a spook named Raven who was nicknamed "The Rubber Dog." She could pop out of even a snug martingale collar like it was nothing. She wriggled out of a 5 point Roman harness in 3 seconds flat. The only thing she could not escape was a slip lead.

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Old thread, but I will pile on. We used the 'martingale harness' which is how I think of it for my very spooky galgo when we first got her. Nearly backed out of the martingale collar numerous times. Later as she got more comfortable (like years later) we kept using it just in case, and also she seemed to appreciate the extra hug on her. We have a brand new girl (paperwork will hopefully be final on Saturday once we are sure the dogs get along) and my husband called me halfway into her first walk to bring Xena's old harness. This one is so high prey/squirrel crazy he wanted the extra control. Still highly recommend the Freedom/no pull aka the waggles whatever that gets sold commercially one...it's the martingale-at-the-withers type.




The WWW above in the old posts is the same.

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