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Guest CBDTherapyDogs

The feed store where I normally purchase my dog food, Southern States, is now making a new line of Naturals dog food. Both the Lamb & Rice and the Chicken & Pearled Barley formula's have no wheat/corn/or soy. Most folks don't know about the Southern States Co-Op, but they are very well worth going to! I started going there to purchase my horse feed, their Legends line of feed - which by the way, is the same feed and Co-Op that the Kentucky Horse Park feeds their horses. I was talking one day to the manager of our local Southern States about dog food and he offered me a bag of their food for free to try. I've been feeding it ever sense! What I really love is that it is made with all ingredients grown here in the Southern United States, grown by Southern United States farmers, and made in the Southern US. Nothing imported from China and it's all fresh!

Well, they have different lines of foods, ranging from along the lines of "Dog Chow" and "Beneful" - which are the "Complete" lines in the Southern States feeds... to the "Advanced" lines of food, which are closer to Purina One, Pro Plan, Nutro Max, etc...

I have been feeding the "Advanced Sport" with GREAT success. Okay, I know, there are purists out there who will freak out with OHMYGOSHSHEFEEDSHERDOGSCORN!!! and OHMYGO**HASBYPRODUCTSINIT!!! For one, I've contacted the parent company. The "by products" in the advanced lines are akin to the by products in Bil-Jac foods - organ meat mixed with meat meal. My hounds have done very wonderful on the Advanced Sport food and I will continue to feed them this food.

I do have friends who feed the Advanced Adult who has had WONDERFUL success with it too!


Now Southern States is making a new line of food - Naturals. I bought a bag of the Lamb and Rice Naturals and found that my 11 1/2 yr old Borzoi, Drumm, LOVES it, so I had to buy a bag of the Chicken and Pearled Barley Naturals and he loves it too! The Chicken and Pearled Barley is also formulated in a tiny-bite sized so it's great size for small dogs with small mouths.

Bonus here, it's not only also made here in the Southern US, it's also not marked with prices like the big name brand foods either.

Chicken and Pearled Barley formula, 40 pound bag, WITH TAX sold at the Oneonta, AL Southern States is less than $32.

Lamb and Rice formula, 40 pound bag, WITH TAX sold at the Oneonta, AL Southern States is less than $35.


For those interested, the 40 pound bag of Advanced Sport that I feed, which is also the same formula of food that the hounds at the McGregor Greyhound Welfare Center feeds the hounds too, is only $21.79 WITH TAX per bag.

The Advanced Adult 40 pound bag is a dollar less.

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Southern States was always a great store. It was a true co-op, as I can remember my Dad getting a regular dividend check from them. It was never much, but we weren't buying in the quantities that the farmers did. As a kid, I bought rabbit food, dog food and hay / straw there. i know my dad used to buy tractor parts, grass seed, and all of the seeds / plants for our garden every year, which was huge.


Many of the stores closed in a reorganization of the company a few years ago, so the chain may not be as prevalent in other areas as it once was.


Crap - now I want to go to the farm store.....:lol


Camp Broodie. The current home of Mark Kay Mark Jack and LaVida I've Got Life.  Always missing my boy Rocket Hi Noon Rocket,  Allie  Phoenix Dynamite, Kate Miss Kate, Starz Under Da Starz, Petunia MW Neptunia and Diva Astar Dashindiva 


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Guest BrianRke

We have about 3 Southern States locations in my area. They just built a brand new store a few miles from me and my group held a Meet and Greet there a couple weeks ago. They were so accomodating to us. They put an ad in the paper, made up flyers, and posted our group on their sign outside. The manager was a super nice guy.


We will definitely be back.


While I was there, I noticed they sell the food I use(Diamond Naturals), and it was $1 cheaper than Tractor Supply.

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