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Mesothelioma Diagnosed In My Greyhound...

Guest Babs

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I am new to posting to this website, but after my 7 year old greyhound, Mac, was diagnosed with mesothelioma today by our vet, I thought it important to share my story. Yes, you are reading correctly...he had apparently been exposed to Asbestos and now 7 years down the line it is having its affect on him. After a week of swollen front paws, swelling abdomen, not much interest in food, heavier panting than normal we can now put a name to what is ailing him. Two years ago Mac suffered a blood clot to the center of the brain and was paralyzed on the left side for about a month and a half. Diagnosed then with hypertension, the clot dissolved with meds and he was put on Plavix, lisinopril, amlodopine, and 1/2 aspirin/day. All signs of the paralyzation left and he was doing great until this incident occurred.


Last Wednesday we took Mac to our vet, who tested his urine, thinking he may have a UTI, and put him on an antibiotic. Still breathing heavier than normal and not getting any better we took him in yesterday for blood tests. The dr found fluid in the abdomen, took xrays which showed two small nodules, one on the lung, another around the heart area and a larger one. The fluid was constricting the lungs from working as they should and a quart and a half of fluid was drained. swelling was gone and we have been waiting for the results, which came today!!!


There apparently is no "cure" for this rare cancer in greyhounds. Inevitably the swelling will return, have to be drained again, but the nodules will grow. Chemo will NOT work and we have no choice at this point, but to put our beloved Mac down. I wonder as I write this if the Florida facility Mac was in was an older one, probably built in the 50's when asbestos was used.


I'd like to hear from anyone who may have had a similar experience to share with. Also can anyone tell me how I can get in touch with OSU and Dr Coutos to look into this further. Any and all responses at this point will be very helpful and consoling. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and I look forward to hearing from you asap.


Barbara Ranegar

Pittsburgh, PA

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I don't have any info for you -- others here will -- I'm just so sorry to hear this dx for your sweet boy. :grouphug

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I don't have any info for you -- others here will -- I'm just so sorry to hear this dx for your sweet boy. :grouphug


Thank you so much for your kind words...I apprecite it more than you know!


I'm so sorry to hear this diagnosis. Following is the link that I have used for OSU.





Thank you very much for your kind words...I will contact OSU today.

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Hugs to you and Mac.


I hope you get a second opinion. Many times we have seen opposite diagnoses here, and some for the better.


Since you're so close to OSU, I would highly recommend going there. Dr. Couto is a greyhound guru (oncologist).


I wish you the best of luck.

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I am soo Sorry to hear this for you and Mac. Prayers to you and Mac.

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I am sorry you and Mac are going through this. Sending prayers.

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I wonder if it would be a good idea to get a second opinion from OSU. You're both in my thoughts:grouphug

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I can't offer you anything but a hug and prayers. I just can't imagine what you are going through with your boy. :grouphug

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Sending prayers of comfort to Mac and all those who love him. :grouphug :grouphug :grouphug



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Sending along all our best wishes, too. You and Mac have already gone through so much.

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Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.


How did the vet zero in on mesothelioma? Do they do a lung biopsy? Are fibers found in the lung tissue?

I agree with other folks who recommend the Greyhound Wellness Program/Dr. Couto.

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Our thoughts remain with you and Mac. Strenght comes when we need it most.



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Oh, I am so sorry about your bad news.


Sending you and Mac many positive thoughts.


What is his racing name?


Mac's racing name is Dars Boynamedsue...

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