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Picky Eater, Or Just Bad Food

Guest masa

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Where we got Swirl from, they told us to feed her purina one lamb and rice, and for awhile she gobbled it down. However here recently she eats her morning food and leaves her night food. Sometimes she eats it all, and other times she sniffs it like shes hungry, but walks away (from morning and night food) from it and goes and lays down. We thought we might have gotten a bad bag, so we got a new one and she ate it all for two days or so, and then she went back to the same old thing, ignoring her food. We took her to the vet maybe last month, and he said she was exactly how he wanted a grey to look, and that she had some of the best teeth he had seen on a grey. I was looking around and saw on http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/ that in their opinion this was a very BAD food, and I don't like how the ingredients are listed on this bag myself. But the adoption place said that this was the food to feed her. So should I try switching her to a different food, or taking her back to the vet? Am I just being paranoid and she is just being picky?

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I have one of those too, she's almost 12 though. I have stuck with the same food for years now. I found that once I started adding stuff to entice a picky eater, they got pickier and I found myself always changing ingredients until one day someone very wise told me that a healthy dog will not starve itself to death and to quit worrying because they miss a meal here and there. I went back to just the same kibble and sure enough, after a while, my picky eater was eating their kibble again.


Unless you wish to switch to a "healthier" food, if your pup has firm stools on the Purina, and they are healthy, I don't try and fix what isn't broken any more.

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For the life of me I can't believe that people think Dogfoodadvisor is the be all and end all. :rolleyes:


It is a site run by a human dentist after he lost his fluffy dog. As far as credentials-- his site fails to say that He is a breeder/farm owner/kennel manager/sportsman/experienced foster/rescue dog person. His "opinions" are totally based on the list of ingredients he feeds into a computer -- not a vast amount of real life dog knowledge.


Why would I trust what this one guy who doesn't seem to have a lot of experience with dogs to tell me what to feed my dogs based on his computer generated ingredient list??:blink:


As far as the Purina One you might switch to a chicken base. None of my dogs have ever really liked lamb. Buddy and Barkley are on chicken Purina One Beyond and it has been well received. Your vet is not a quack.


It always amazes me that true dog people that depend on their dogs for a living always feed foods dogfoodadvisor hates because of the ingredients. Until a couple of years ago the vast majority of racing dogs ate Purina Hi Pro. My friend in Indiana whos father raises GSP gun dogs ($5,000+) fed Hi Pro for years and is now feeding Purina Beyond. Cost is not a factor...what works is. The proof is in the pudding.

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Guest mariah

Unless she looks underweight I wouldn't worry about her skipping meals. But...there's absolutely no harm in switching her to another kibble if you want to try it out. Taste of the Wild is very popular on this board. We don't feed kibble currently, but we fed that in the past and had good results. You could also try feeding her once a day in the morning if she isn't interested in her evening meal.

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Guest BrianRke

The group probably told you that because that is what they are feeding their dogs currently and sometimes switching food can cause digestive upset.

If I were you, I would switch to something with better ingredients. I personally like Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice. It has a good ingredient list, my dogs love it and do well on it, and its only $28.00 for a 40lb bag!

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