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Twitchy, Crampy Legs?


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A few days ago my son told me Spud had suddenly started crying, and one of his legs was pulled way up, at a weird angle, and the other one couldn't quite support him, it was as if he couldn't straighten his leg for about 30 seconds, he relaxed shortly after and is fine now. Do dogs get cramps in their legs, like a Charlie Horse? DS's immediate idea was to give him a banana, he just had another episode and it scared the crap out of me. He was happy about the banana though :) I will have him checked out by the vet of course, but was wondering if anyone else has seen something similar before. Oh, Spud is 10 1/2, had a very short racing career and lives a pretty sedate live...


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It's not uncommon.


And there's nothing like meeting the GSOD (greyhound scream of death) at 2 in the morning, when the other side of the bed starts screaming bloody murder. (Sam was actually standing on the cramping leg, and the leg hurt so badly he couldn't figure out what to do. I just tipped him over on his side. He heaved a great big sigh and relaxed immediately.)


The banana isn't a bad idea. If Spud isn't limping between incidents, it's probably just a cramp. But a vet visit might be useful.

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