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Ls And Chf

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My Bo-D is still hanging in there! He had been getting Depo Medrol following the Stack method for LS, but its been about a year without the shot, as he is now on many heart medications for a heart condition(s). The LS seems to be progressing, the vet is hesitant to use steroids while Bo-d has this heart condition, I believe due to potential fluid retention and affect on heart. Anyone out there with a pooch in the same boat? My dog is a wonderful 14.5 year old, takes Vetmedin, furosimide, enalapril,digoxin,rimadyl (in an effort to reduce joint inflammation), spironlactone (sp?) along with fish oil and chondroitin, and Science Diet HD. Main heart problems is dialated cardio myopathy/ arrythmia. Other ideas to assist with his LS? Thanks....

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I'd consider looking into alternative modalities like acupuncture, therapeutic laser, and Chinese herbs. If you're not familiar with any vets in your area who offer these options, here's a site you can use to start looking, but there are good practitioners who are not on here too. If your post your location, maybe someone knows a good alternative vet in your area.


ETA: In case you haven't seen it, there's more info from others who have treated LS with methods other than steroids in this recent thread:


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