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House Plants

Guest Romeo

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My 4 yr. old has suddenly taken to eating my house plants! Today he nibbled on my Christmas Cactus. I need to know what plants are poisonous or simply not good for Romeo to eat.

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Ugh.....Good luck!


Robin, EZ (Tribal Track), JJ (What a Story), Dustin (E's Full House) and our beautiful Jack (Mana Black Jack) and Lily (Chip's Little Miss Lily) both at the Bridge
The WFUBCC honors our beautiful friends at the bridge. Godspeed sweet angels.

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It's hard to do but, maybe it's better just not to let him eat any plants - move them all so they are away from his reach.


You might also try giving him some of the crunchy part of a romaine lettuce - that seems to satisfy my dogs and keeps them away from the plants.

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