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Pain After Run?

Guest smatito

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Guest smatito

Hi all.

My name is Samuel, I am from Seville (Spain). Excuse me but my english :(

I use to visit this great forum. Good work!! In Spain the forum are about hunting with galgos, they mistreat this great animals.


I have two adopted galgos (Brego & Arwen). Male and female, 18 & 30 months.


Sometimes when they are playing and running. Specially the male in hard runnings. When they stop he starts to cry at the same time he breaths. likes he feels pain. This is only for 20-30 seconds. I feel really bad, I stay close to him and speak slow triying to calm.


I ask my galgo´s group but nobody have notice. I remember this situation with the female in 2 or 3 times.

I ask the foundation where I took Brego. Talking about any illness, etc... but they say its somethng normal in Galgos. its like anxiety.¿?


Do you have notice about this?


Thanks, and sorry again for my english.

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Is he cramping? Check the muscles of the back, shoulders, and legs. If they're hard, he's cramping.


Have you been able to isolate what part of his body the pain is coming from?

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Guest smatito

Its really strange.

when they run and fail, they will cry but its a continuous sound. In this situation he cries at the same time he breaths. stoping.

Its like feel pain in chest-


It seems like his heart its explouding. When he starts y go with him, speak slow, give a massage etc

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You might try asking Dr. Couto at OSU (Ohio State University). He goes to Scooby regularly to provide vet care to the galgos. He also runs one of the premier greyhound health groups in the US. On top of that, he is from Argentina, so you could communicate in Spanish.


Here is the link to submit a consultation request:




I don't have an answer for your question. My uneducated response is that being out of breath is normal after a hard run, but I wouldn't expect there to be any painful crying. But I am certainly no expert.



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Guest Snazzy_Chloe

If this is something that is common in Galgo's I wouldn't know as we have few of them in the US.

I just read am article recently in Celebrating Greyhounds-Summer-2011 about Laryngeal Paralysis written by Dr William Freeman where the larynx does not permit the dog to take deep breaths (like if we had a severe sore throat) this scares the dog causing him stress and more panting which compounds the situation and can lead to the dog dying thru suffication.

See if you can get a copy of that article to show your vet if you think the symptoms are the same as your pup is having.

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