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Limping After Sleeping?

Guest Fireopal36

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Guest Fireopal36


Our girl is 5, and the last couple days she has been limping in her right front leg. It seems to mostly happen after she's been laying down (doesn't seem to matter which side she lays on). After a while she has no problem and no limp, and has no problem putting weight on it, but it seems to come back after a nap. I checked the leg and foot, she doesn't have any cuts and I've massaged the whole leg and nothing seems broken/fractured , she doesn't seem to have anything wrong with it! At first I thought her leg might be "asleep", but since it happens no matter what side she sleeps on I don't think this is the case.

Is it a sprain? I just don't see how the pain from a sprain can come and go like that?

Should I take her to her vet? I've just hesitated for the last day or two because she acts like normal a few minutes after standing up!!

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Sounds like sore joints. Has she banged into anything that you can think of with that leg?


My Ryder hurt his back leg a couple years ago and every so often he is stiff, it also goes away in a few minutes of walking around, but if he tries to run a bit it's noticable. I've been using a powder additive in his food and the limp is virtually gone now. I had his leg fully checked out when he was sedated at a dental, so I know nothing is chipped, etc.... I would suggest taking her so the vet can determine that the leg is fully mobile, but you really can't rule anything out without having x-rays done - which can get costly. Other folks her will likely have some suggestions.....

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Guest zombrie

I would do a TBD test. My dogs have all had lyme disease (as well as I) and it is painful when they are resting and get up to walk around and then they work out of it.

Has she gotten good exercise? Maybe she had a good run a few days ago? Maybe she is just sore.

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