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Question For The Raw Feeders

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We don't feed raw but I know some of our adopters do.


I got a frantic call from one of our adopters this morning who says her hound is pooping blood.


After a game of 20,000 questions i finally discovered tonight that they started him on a store bought raw diet this past Saturday.


AND they went back to the store this afternoon saying that Mickey had blood in the stool and the owner of the store and the "diet" told them that it was perfectly normal - it was just his system adjusting to the new diet.


Again - I don't feed raw but does this make sense to you???

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I don't feed raw but, I worked in a hospital lab and at a vets years ago and ... it is never normal to poop blood.


If there is blood in the poop or a dog vomits blood then that dog should be taken to the E-vet.



edited to add -- find out if there is diarrhea, if the blood is all through the poop or just on the outside, and what were the ingredients of the raw diet - was it bone

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Nope not normal. but the prepackaged raw usually contains more bone than needed. If the poops are rock hard and the blood is on the outside they need to feed more muscle meat.


If they are going to feed raw maybe send them to RAW-Lite@yahoogroups.com they are a decent wealth of info and not too crazy.




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Well - more info obtained now... the wife didn't even know it WAS raw - she thought they were cooked "chicken patties"


We've advised (ordered) them to stop the raw, AND to go to the e-vet and DH is going over there tomorrow morning to give them "a talk".



... Poor Michelob :(


Thanks all :)

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