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Hip Problems

Guest kysteelerja

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Guest kysteelerja

We adopted our grey from a wonderful organization 7 years ago....he is now 11 born 01-01-01. He is a big boy and seems to be having some hip problems....i am at a loss as to what to do for my Kofey....it has only just started but it just kills me to see him struggling. any advice?

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I'd have the vet take a look and probably x-ray his hips. They can diagnose arthritis from the x-rays and put him on some pain killer/anti-inflammatory drugs if that's what it is. And if not, they should be able to diagnose whatever the problem is.


If you are of a more natural/holistic inclination, someone else will surely post their suggestions.


But I'd start with the vet and a veterinarian diagnosis. Then you can choose your treatment options.

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A vet visit is is order. :nod


We take Sid to hydrotherapy to help his stiff back and hips. Our vet recommended it, and also prescribed some Carprodyl, but I only have to give him that if we go too long between swims. It really does help to keep him loose!


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As others have said, if you've not already done so then a vet visit is definitely the next step. Without a careful exam & likely some xrays. Not sure how familiar you are with back, knee or hip issues but sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between them. Also, diseases of the kidneys, liver or other organs can contribute to hind end weakness. It is rare that I hear of hip problems in Greyhounds. Bilateral hip dysplasia common in many other breeds is practically nonexistent in Greys. However, arthritis comes with age & it can effect the hips as well. My girly Grey has arthritis in her right hip attributed to a combo of old injury & age. Light exercise & antiinflammatory treatments seem the best for her.

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