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Timberwolf No Longer Available Local

Guest MtnBikerChk

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Guest MtnBikerChk

TO has been harder and harder to find locally. I posted on their FB page two different times and this is what they said:

November 11th


My feed store said that TO will no longer be available through resellers and that we will have to buy direct - is that true? I still see resellers listed on your website. THANKS!


Their response:

Timberwolf Organics That is not true. We are now selling direct to resellers or retailers instead of requiring them to purchase from a distributor. While we will continue to sell to distributors who wish to buy product from us, the retailer will now be allowed to purchase from us as well to ensure availability. Can you tell me which store this is? Hope this helps!


January 19th:



What's going on with TO distribution? My feed store doesn't carry TO anymore, petfooddirect.com doesn't seem to have it and when I go to your "where to buy" and click the online retailers link it goes to an error page?! You're not making it easy for me to buy.



Timberwolf Organics Yes we are working on that website page as it needed to be updated. We are also working on getting more places to sell our food. You can buy food on our products page on our website http://timberwolforganics.com/products.html


Today I can't find it locally. So I'm switching because I prefer to buy locally rather than online.


I picked up Orijen because 1. the woman at the store said that's what all her former TO buyers were buying and 2. because my cats are on it and LOVE it (and do well on it).


My other choice was Taste of the Wild but I think it's a crap shoot.


Anyone else having issues with TO or have to switch recently?


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My crew have done extremely well on Taste of the Wild. There are several formulas, but they enjoy and do the best on the High Prairie formula, which is bison and venison. It is also reasonably priced for a grain-free kibble. I pay around $43 for a 30 lb. bag.

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I buy my dog food online.


Have you considered that?




Well, 1 - she said she wanted to buy locally and NOT online and 2 - petfooddirect doesn't sell Timberwolf.

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Guest MtnBikerChk

I have since found out that it'll be rare to find tw near me anymore because they charge the retailers a crazy delivery fee so the stores I spoke to said they are no longer stocking it. Its sad really.


So my too choices were totw, acana and origen.

I ended up going with origen and so far so . Thanks for the suggestions.


Thanks bauersmom. Always got my back!

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