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Senior Gh X With Pln: Meds & Diet?

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We're just starting this adventure. She's GH X AussieShep. (Yes, we know she is exactly that.) She is 12 yo was was supposed to be a foster. Am doubting the odds of adopting out a senior mix with a drinking problem. :P Because of the excessive drinking that continued after the initial stress of her family upheaval we started diagnostics. Vet has not diagnosed PLN. It feels like so long since I was dealing with kidney issues & this girl's are quite different from the garden variety CRF I've dealt with in the past. Have not dealt with glomerular related issues before. What the vet is proposing we start with sounds correct based on my memory & brief searching but I know others here have in the past & likely currently are dealing with PLN. Here's our starting plan based on vet's call this morning with the lasted news & her diagnosis:


aspirin, daily dose of 1/4 of 81 mg tablet

enalapril, will know dose when I pick it up tonight

moderate protein food, Royal Canin Renal MP 14 or something with comparable protein, phos, sodium /kcal levels

I had already started her on fish oil. Its just 1360 mg oil containing 625 mg EPA & 244 DHA


Meds start today & new food Tue or Wed. We have follow up appt for Sat where they'll rerun some blood work to check values again. At that point I'll have the big Q&A session on where we are going with this from here.


This look about right to folks for the first week of treatment? I've never been a fan or prescription food & would be lying if I said I liked the ingredient list for the Renal MP but I've seen a lot worse & it seems plenty of folks have had success with it. I am open to ideas but keep in mind that the chance I will successfully switch to home cooked is basically nill. Been there, done that, failed... thrice.




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Yes, it does sound as if the initial plan is on target. A couple of questions: Have they done a UPC? (urine protein creatinine ratio, which is the best gauge of how much protein is being lost through urine, and the progression of glomerular disease) This is usually watched on a regular basis. Was a renal ultrasound done?


As far as diets, there are definitely home-made alternatives, but I'd have a discussion with your vet about this first. If possible, a consult with a veterinary nutritionist will give you a personalized diet for your hound that will fit her needs as far as phosphorous, protein, calories, etc.. I just got a nutrition consult from the board-certified vet nutritionists at NC State - if you want info, PM me for details.


There's an excellent book by Donald Strombeck (a vet) called Home Prepared Dog and Cat DIets, which will also give you lots of ideas for home-cooking. You'll need various supplements to go along with a home-cooked diet to make it balanced. Home cooking definitely takes a lot more time and preparation than feeding prescription kibble, but it's also more palatable and has much healthier ingredients. And also check out this great website with lots of good suggestions and information:dogaware.


Best wishes to you both!


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Laura, that's the exact same protocol that both Harold and Pudge are on, except one's on the LP and one's on the MP of the Royal Canin kibble. Harold's retest showed improvement in his urine protein. Pudge is due for a followup soon.


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Am embarrassed to say I didn't ask what the UPC was. That was the test the vet was calling about this morning, the one that prompted the diagnosis & start of treatment. You'd think I would have asked for the actual value, especially considering how much it cost. Pricey thing considering the lab already had the sample. Anyway, will call tomorrow & ask them to email results. No ultrasound so far. Vet hasn't mentioned it yet. Unless it will make a significant difference in treatment I probably wouldn't have it done anyway. Is there a compelling reason to consider ultrasound?


If it weren't for her lab work & polydipsia you would never know this girl was anything but the picture of health. She's basically 12 yo going on 2. Hopefully we can keep it that way for quite a while longer.


Laura, that's the exact same protocol that both Harold and Pudge are on, except one's on the LP and one's on the MP of the Royal Canin kibble. Harold's retest showed improvement in his urine protein. Pudge is due for a followup soon.

Glad to hear Harold is responding to treatment. How soon after start of treatment did you see reduction in proteinuria?

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Guest avadogner


We are so sorry to hear that your hound is sick. I haven't dealt with any vet renal issues but have been dealing with chronic kidney disease and waiting for kidney transplant for a few yrs now. Checking the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) is the lab test that gives the best picture/info of overall kidney function. It will tell you what % function the kidneys have left. Starting ASA, giving an ACE inhibitor and startiing a reduced protein, sodium and phosphate diet is how early stage kidney failure is managed in people and I can't imagine treatment being greatly different.


When the kidney are impaired, high blood pressure, anemia, electrolyte imbalances and nausea/poor appetite will occur. The kidney is a filter for waste in the blood but also has endocrine functions that stimulate red blood cell production and produces renin which regulates blood pressure. It sounds like your vet is addressing those issues. Hopefully, the new meds and diet will help your spry 12 yr hound get back to feeling better and being a puppy at heart. I will add y'all to my prayer/happy healing thoughts list.

Keep us posted please,

alicia (Ava & Augie's Mum)

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Ya know, I don't think a culture was done. There's no indication at all of UTI but I guess a culture would have made sense. Guess I'll ask the vet about that.


UPC - 1.9


Specific Gravity 1.015 [not first catch]

Protein - 4+ (>500 mg/dL)


Blood work, primarily values out of reference ranges

2012-1-19 // 2009-9-28

WBC - 7.1 ref 5.7-16.3 // 6.07 ref 6-17

RBC - 6.98 ref 5.5-8.5 // 7.52 ref 5.5-8.5

HGB - High 18.1 ref 12-18 // 20.3 ref 12-18

HCT - 51.2 ref 37-55 // 53.2 ref 37-55

Amylase - High 1437 ref 450-1240 // 845 ref 200-1200

Albumin - 2.5 ref 2.5-4.0 // 3.5 ref 2.5-4.4

Total protein - Low 4.8 ref 5.1-7.8 // 6.0 ref 5.4-8.2

BUN - High 34 ref 7-27 // 23 ref 7-25

Creatinine - 1.6 ref 0.4-1.8 // 1.4 ref 0.3-1.4

Potassium - Low 3.9 ref 4.0-5.6 // 3.5 ref 3.7-5.8

NA/K ratio - 38 ref 27-40 // 40


Interesting to at least have gotten hold of some old blood work. Her TP is down & BUN is up. Crea is about the same. What's up with low potassium both now & before? Thought I read something about that with PLN but maybe my brain is on info overload.

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Lazer was diagnosed with PLN after he collapsed in my driveway and DIED --i revived him.. the ultra sound on his heart showed a couple blood clots then blood work showed UPC of 6.3


fast forward (and read other threads about him here in H&M if you are interested in more detail) HE IS ALIVE HAPPY!!! on the road to recovery!!!

one of two clots completely gone! the other reduced in size by 30% ,, blood work is showing improvement as well,, upc is now at 4.2 and going down!!! :colgate









a whole host of alternative holistic supplements and essential oils and acupuncture.


we didn't do anything different with his diet, mostly because he refused to eat for a couple months and i was just happy to get anything into his stomach.

raw hamberger was his staple food thru this time.


if you want to know more, PM me --- i tend to ramble on, so you might get more information than what you ask for! :blush

good luck with your girl!



lorinda, mom to the ever revolving door of Foster greyhounds

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