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Walking Soon After Feeding

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On 9/9/2019 at 9:03 AM, Remolacha said:

Many greys (maybe other dogs too, I don't have experience there) will be less interested in breakfast in hot weather. Also her hooks may be affecting her appetite. I usually walk first and feed later in warm weather, to take advantage of the "cooler" temps :) A 40 minute walk may be too much for her until it gets cooler. 

Bloat is really not that common in retired racers, although it does happen. There has been no conclusive evidence on raised feeders vs feeding on the floor causing bloat. As you said, they usually get fed on the floor of their crates in the kennel. I have always fed mine in raised feeders just because it looked more comfortable with those long legs. That never stopped them from scarfing cookies off the floor though :lol.

Hello Remolacha! Thank you for posting.  So true.....if a dog wants want to scarf down a treat, it doesn't matter where it is, floor, grass, gravel, countertop! I do love the raised feed styles though, and requires less being...not that I am tall! lol 

I walk the little girl for 40 min walk less humid days (which are far and few in-between around here in Naples, FL), so we go around dawn and dusk. Vesa also gets outings a few days a week at pet shops and other businesses where dogs are allowed to do little socializing and training.

Since, reading MercyGrey's post on the A&P of a greyhound's abdominal cavities and greyhound's digestive tract, I don't even give bloat a thought anymore since I feed Vesa 3x a day.  Vesa loves to sleep after she eats. She is so funny, perhaps she was programed to eat first, and walk later since she won't get off her warm pillow to tinkle in the morning! She does the Greyhound Freeze on her pillow!  She is telling me that she wants food first! It works for both of us. Cracks me up. Thank you so much Remolacha! Have a happy Grey Day!

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