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Fda Approves Drug For Urinary Incontinence In Female Dogs

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Has anyone heard of Incurin? It is a newly approved drug to treat spay incontinence. Here's the link FDA article. It says Incurin is estriol. Am just wondering what the difference is between this & DES, besides all the money & studies that went behind getting it patented & FDA approved. Also wondering how much price difference there will be between it & DES. No probs with spay incontinence here but know enough folks with dogs who have had it.

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While there doesn't seem to be much info about Incurin in the US, it appears that it's been used for spay incontinence in Europe for a while. From what I've been able to find, it is a shorter acting estrogen compound, so has to be dosed more frequently than DES. Starting dose is daily with both. But with DES, you can often get down to every 5-7 days, while with Incurin, it usually needs to be given at least every 2-3 days. However, Incurin may be a bit safer, with less potential for bone marrow suppression (which is very rare but can happen with higher doses of DES).


I imagine Incurin will probably be more expensive since it's a brand name product actually labeled and approved for this use. There are no commercial DES products, so it is only available through compounding pharmacies.

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