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I've had some people ask me for an Albi update so I thought I would just post here. I can't believe two months have gone by since this nightmare has started. Albi had a check up by Dr. L on 7/5. I asked him why Albi was having so much trouble with his hind end, sitting, getting up, tail tucked between his legs which I knew he was painful (I had asked Dr. C the same thing two weeks earlier and she said he was just trying to get used to the new way he had to walk) An x-ray showed arthritis in his spine, he is on gabapentin 100mg once a day. He wanted me to give him Rimadyl again but Al's regular vet (we saw her right after that visit) said not to because she didn't want him to have stomach issues. He had been on heavy duty antibiotics for the MRSA so he really didn't start to eat any significant amounts of food until 7/7, two days after the antibiotics were stopped. I have been cooking for him, he still can be fussy but will usually eat what I give him. He still seems weak to us and I really thought by this time he would be stronger, the MRSA took a lot out of him. Thanks for the continued good thoughts and prayers.


6/24 Update


I decided to update at the top this time. Thanks to everyone that has followed this thread and for all of the good thoughts and prayers for my Albi. I was hoping I would never have another dog that had osteo. After going through this same thing with Marvin, we thought Albi would have the same good results and heal like he did. We feel awful for him that this has dragged on for 5 weeks now.


Albi had his staples removed on Tuesday, 6/21. Dr. C said everything looked good but there's an area that had some seepage so I have to put warm compresses in it. No more cone, yay! but he has to wear a t-shirt now. He has to see Dr. L on July 5 for one more checkup. I think after he's off restriction he will be a lot better. He's been eating small amounts and is quite fussy but he must be eating enough because he's not as skeletal as he was.


Here are some pictures taken today :wub:







This afternoon at 4:22 PM I heard the Borzoi Saluki scream of death which is really a long howling moan. I ran outside and found Albi by the back steps holding his left front leg up. I could tell it was broken down by the wrist. Took him to his vet, they x-rayed it and showed me the two broken leg bones. She told me she thought the bones looked good. They wrapped his leg and we had to go the North Star which is an emergency clinic/specialist. They looked at his x-ray there and said they wanted another tomorrow to check something that didn't look right. He is there overnight and will have surgery tomorrow. They are going to call me in the morning to let me know what they found and what they will be doing for him as far as the surgery goes. He has never been away from us. We went back to see him before we left and that was a mistake because he wanted to go with us :(


Any good thoughts or prayers you can spare for my Albi will be appreciated.





I just heard from the specialist, they think it's a tumor and are doing a biopsy, they are keeping him sedated on morphine. They won't know for 3 days and he has to stay there. He asked permission to do a CT Scan for free, they are at a new facility and and the tech is there with a new CT machine and they're going to show them how to use it. We are devastated.




They did the scan on Friday but still couldn't tell for sure, we weren't allowed to see him that day. John and I went to visit Albi at 2 PM Saturday. He was really out of it because they had changed his cast and he had just come out of anesthesia. We were only allowed to visit for 30 minutes. We were allowed to take him outside and he headed towards our jeep. We thought we might be able to bring him home for a few days but Albi's regular vet thought it would be a bad idea. He sort of just slept and let out a couple of howls which was heartbreaking.


Sunday we found out he still wasn't eating so we brought him a rotisserie chicken and some yogurt. This time when we saw him he was wagging his tail and yelling at us. He does a lot of talking at home so it was good to hear him and see his tail wag. He was so much better, probably because the anesthesia from the day before was gone. He ate a lot of chicken and John gave him a blueberry chobani yogurt and he ate that. We had a really nice long visit, telling him how much we loved and missed him, we were massaging and petting him. He went outside for a little while, once again headed for the jeep. This time they let us visit from 2 to 3:30 which made us really happy because he seemed so much more like himself.


I called this morning, he's not really eating for them. I asked about the biopsy and the doctor told me it wouldn't be in until this evening so I wasn't happy about that. I'm going in today at 1 to visit and see if he'll eat for me again.


Thanks everyone for your prayers and good thoughts.


Update 5/24


John and I had a really nice visit with Albi at the hospital today from 4:15 to 6:15. The doctor came in to see us and told us he had just received

the biopsy results, he does have osteosarcoma and will have an amputation tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts.



The doctor called and said Albi did fine during his surgery. He'll be calling tomorrow with an update. Thanks everyone for your good thoughts and prayers.




We picked Albi up Friday night at 7:30. It was really good to have him home but also so sad that our Ramm was not there. The day before we had to send Ramm to the bridge, we are in shock about that. Albi seems pretty good this morning, he was yelling at me (really loud whining) for not being able to go where he wanted in the rest of the house (he's blocked off in one room) so I know he will be fine. Thanks so much for your prayers and good thoughts for Albi. :)


6/6 AM Update


Albi has an area that is not healing.


On Sunday 5/29 we noticed blood seeping through his dressing, we called the hospital and we brought him in. There was an area that was purple that they were concerned about. They wanted to see it Tuesday so we went in and Dr. C told me the area was necrotic and they had to do a mini surgery to debride it, which Dr. W did that day. (I just want to mention that Dr. W said he should wear an e-collar after she did that surgery. When they brought him out to me I asked why he didn't have an e-collar on because Dr. W said he needed it. Dr. C said he didn't need it, he can't reach that area.)


Wednesday morning Albi decided to pull out the bottom staples while I was in the shower. Most of the area is covered with dressing but he could reach about a 3" area that was sticking out from under the dressing. I called them at 7:30 AM and brought him in. We were there for 3 hours before they came and got him. Dr. L (he did the amputation) said he would look at it during his lunch break and see what was going on. He called at 1:30 and said he replaced the wet to dry bandage and a few staples.


Dr. L said he wanted to change the bandage on Thursday and to drop Albi off before 9 AM . He had surgery all day and would squeeze him in. I dropped him off and when I didn't hear anything I called at 4:30 (I was angry) and he still hadn't done the bandage change. I didn't get a call until 7PM. I told Dr. L I was not happy and I wasn't going to leave him there again.


Albi had an appointment with Dr. L on Friday. After the exam Dr. L came out and told me there was a pus pocket and he had to do another surgery to put in a drain. I wanted to know why he hadn't seen it the night before at 7 PM when he changed to bandage, he said it wasn't there. When they brought Albi out after they put in the drain he had a bloody elbow. I asked what happened to him, they looked at it and brought him to the back again and shaved it. The elbow area is worn off in two spots and bloody. They ask me if I'm keeping him on a hard floor. I said no, he sleeps on carpet or dog beds. I said it probably happened the day before when they kept him there for 10 hours.


Saturday Albi had to go back for a bandage change with Dr.L. After Dr. L changed the bandage he said it looked 90% better than the day before. I was happy that it looked like he might be starting to heal up.


Sunday Albi had an appointment with Dr. W for a bandage change. There was a lot of seepage coming out from under the dressing when we got up in the morning. After she examined him she told me the area did not look good, there was an area of dead muscle. She cut off some dead tissue and put a sugar dressing on it and she wants to do another surgery.


Today Albi has another mini surgery at 9:30 AM with Dr. W.


I feel this was a bad surgery and there are too many doctors involved. I just want his amputation area to heal and have him be happy again.


6/6 Afternoon Update


Albi had his surgery. Dr.W said the bad area was twice as large as the day before with a lot of oozing. On Friday they sent out a culture of the pus and she called the lab because she didn't have the results. He has two forms of bacteria that are resistant to the Amoxicillin and Ciprofloxacin he has been on since last Tuesday. Albi is back in the hospital for a few days. Dr. W wanted to put him on IV antibiotics but she can't get the liquid form but they do have the pill form there so she'll start him on those. She also mentioned the bacteria could kill him. I can't believe this is happening to him.





Dr. W called me last night and said another doctor drove to PA to get the IV antibiotics for Albi. He got what they had and Dr. W has more on order, he needs two bottles 3 x a day. She did say his fever went down but he's on IV fluids too and that also helps lowering the fever. She said there was a lot of drainage and he was clearly uncomfortable so they raised his Tramadol dose to 3 tablets, 3 x a day.


I called this morning and talked to a technician. Albi's temperature was still down. There were two bandage changes and they were clean and dry. They hand fed him some wet food at 6 AM and he ate fair. That doesn't surprise me because he hasn't really done well with meals here. She also said they were getting him up to walk around every 4 hours.



Dr. W called me about 4 PM and said the area looked a lot better, she did remove a 1" area of dead tissue but she was happy with the improvement from yesterday. His temperature is normal and she said he looked better. She's going to give him an appetite stimulant to see if that helps with eating. Dr. L will be looking at him tomorrow and he'll let me know how he's doing. I'm not sure when he can come home again but when he does he will have to go back to everyday wet to dry bandage changes.


6/8 Update


Dr. L just called me and said the tissue is looking good. He's going to change his bandage again tomorrow at 12 PM and let me know if he thinks he should stay for another day or can go home. Thanks for all of the continued prayers and good thoughts for my baby.


6/9 Udate


Dr. L called at 1 PM and said the tissue looked awesome and that it should be able to be closed on Saturday or Sunday. He feels it would be best for him to stay there so he can be monitored. He said I could visit today.





Dr. S closed the wound and put in a Jackson Pratt drain, it has a bulb on the end for fluid and has to stay in for 5 days. We have to call tomorrow at 10 AM and talk to Dr. W to find out when we can bring him home.


John hadn't seen Albi since Monday so he went to visit him last night, Albi was happy to see him.


This whole ordeal has been a nightmare for Albi. We feel he contracted the MRSA there and they keep arguing with me about it.




We picked up Albi today and he is finally home. He is extremely thin and his back legs are shaking. I am furious about everything that has gone on with him and I have to figure out what I'm going to do about it. MRSA and E Coli are listed on his paperwork.


After Albi had settled in for a few hours I noticed a mat on his armpit, I cut it away, a few hairs at a time and as I pulled it back there was pus under it. I called Albi's vet and she told me how to take care of it.




Albi had his drain removed today. Dr. L said everything looks good, he will have his staples out on Tuesday. I asked them to weigh him, he's 83.4 pounds (he was 104 pounds) their last recorded weight was 80.4 pounds.


He doesn't like being separated from everyone. He always sleeps with me and John, so I've been sleeping on the couch to be with him. I doubt he will ever be able to get up and down the stairs, I might have to move our bedroom to the living room. :)


Thanks for the continued prayers and good thoughts for our baby.


Albi :heart


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How scary for you and Albi. :(


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Sending good thoughts. :hope:candle

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Sending all kinds of prayers, Nancy.

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Nothing but good thoughts and prayers from all of us here.


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Hoping for the best of news for your handsome fella. :hope:grouphug

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Very best wishes for beautiful Albi. goodluck.gifclover.gifcandle.gifhope.gif


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big big hugs for you both!



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