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Adding A Puppy?

Guest SunKissed

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Guest SunKissed

We're considering adding a German Shepherd puppy to our home, but I'd really love some advice and thoughts from everyone here.


We currently have 1 very low prey drive grey: Ziva and 2 cats.


Our cats are the absolutely worst little devils to ever walk the face of the earth.... :D They run all over chasing eachother, when she does on occasion sniff them, they roll onto their backs and purr/meow at her, etc. Basically they are a grey's worst nightmare, and she does great with them. No chasing, just the occasional sniff, and they all sleep curled up together pretty often :)


As far as other dogs, Ziva travels with us quite a bit to stay with friends and their dogs, and a lot of our friends visit with their dogs. She's also been around a very overly playful weim puppy and did very well. He had no social skills, so when he was rudely jumping all over her and getting too rough, she'd just give him a small warning growl/snap, but then run away...lol. With our friends dogs, she is very non reactive, doesn't necessarily play, but doesn't have any issue with sharing toys or food with others, or curling up together for a nap. She settles in very well with new visitors too!


We'd really like to do a puppy, and we're currently doing a bit more research before we jump into finding a rescue. I'm thinking we'll probably end up with something around the 3-4 month old mark, so very very very much still puppy aged!


We're prepared for the training that goes into a GSD, and have really done a lot of thinking in that department. The thing we are most curious about is how we go about adding a puppy to our home with Ziva. What things should we be considering that are issues? Anyone have any experiences they'd like to share?





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Guest BiancasMom

We just added a puppy to our household. He is an Australian Shepherd mix we got from our local herding breed rescue group. He was 12 weeks when we brought him home and now is 4 months. We also have one Greyhound and 2 cats. When we first introduced him to our Greyhound, Bianca, we put her muzzle on. There were absolutely no problems. She is very laid back and enjoys having a playmate. She does not want to play as much as he does (has to get her beauty sleep)so that leaves it up to us to keep him entertained a lot of the time. As long as you are aware of the needs and exercise requirements of a herding breed, go for it! We had an Australian Shepherd for 14 years before he passed away and we adopted Bianca, so we did know what we were getting into. Our pup is definitely WAY more work than our Greyhound but we like him!


Sharing Bianca's crate



Playing in the snow we got last week




Bianca resting, puppy ("Corbin") trying to play with her


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We have added a puppy to our house quite seamlessly. Our old lady, Wink, is her cuddle partner and Birdie her playmate,teacher and disciplinarian.



Smokey was just about 3 months old when she came home.


The way you describe your grey's personality sounds a lot like my hounds. They lived with cats as well but we don't have cats now. She should do just fine with a puppy. Supervision and a crate are key!

Good luck with your search.


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Guest zombrie

My advice, don't get a GSD puppy :lol :lol Kodie is the most unhealthy, anxious, money pit of a dog. They are very nippy with other dogs, we have to let Kodie out separately because she tries to herd them (instinct) in the process nipping them lightly which has led to vet visits because of the greyhounds' thin skin - which is the biggest issue with her.


If you do get a GSD puppy good luck, even though they have lots of problems they are extremely loyal and devoted to you. I'm sure your grey will adjust :)

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Guest SunKissed

I really appreciate everyone's responses. We've got a lady from the local GSD rescue coming out on Sunday with a prospective match for us. So excited!


Anything I can do specifically to help the transition with Ziva?

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I would be less worried about your Greyhound around the German Shepherd than your cats. I've known several German Shepherd dogs ( and owned one) that were extremely high prey drive and cat killers. They are real rough and tumble dogs as puppies, so you will need to watch it like a hawk.


My father in law used to raise Shepherds.





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Guest StarsMama

We added two Springer puppies a year apart to our house. Star did pretty good with it. I introduced her to them with her muzzle on. Good Luck. :colgate

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