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Lumbosacral Stenosis And Depo-Medrol

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Hi all,


I think this may well be my first question in this section...here goes. I have read much discussion about the use of depo-medrol and other treatments for Lumbosacral Stenosis. My question is for our 13 year old Maggie. A bit of history first (sorry, please bear with me). About 18 months ago, Maggie was x-rayed for a combined Pennsylvania Uni / Australian Greyhound Vet Association study into the prevalence of hip arthritis in greys. Maggie didn't have any hip arthritis, but the vet who took the x-ray commented that she appeared to have the beginnings of LS - at the time the only symptom I could match to this diagnosis was occasional stiffness in the lower lumbar area over the years - resolved with manipulation and occasionally a short course of anti-inflams. Fast forward to about three weeks ago, and Maggie suddenly developed quite serious urinary incontinence (while lying down and/or sleeping, not while standing). She was put on Stilboestrol and remains on a high dose. This hasn't completely stopped the incontinence, but she has had some intermittent "dry" periods. At the same time I had told this (different) vet about the earlier possible LS diagnosis. About five days ago, Maggie started displaying increased LS symptoms - back end weakness, stumbling, dragging back feet, increased huffing and puffing and looking like she was in pain. This coincided with another "outbreak" of incontinence (she had been "dry" for the two days previous). At the vet's suggestion she has commenced a course of daily pain/anti-inflam medication - one of the newer ones, can't remember its name. Maggie dried up for approximately 36 hours immediately on commencing the pain relief, then (less severe) incontinence started again. She has gained some physical relief from the medication, but its efficacy - if anything - is already showing signs of having reached a plateau, or perhaps even decreasing.


I have read up on the dorsal laminectomy surgery and it sounds like, because of the incontinence, there is a high likelihood that this would be ineffective. I have next read up on depo-medrol injections. My question is (finally :) ): Could those of you who have tried the depo-medrol injections for their greys, please tell me whether or not your grey was incontinent from the LS also? Did the depo-medrol help resolve the incontinence as well, or was there no effect on this? I am concerned to move quickly on this, because it seems that if the incontinence becomes chronic ie. for several weeks or more, it is not possible to resolve it.


Thanks in advance for your advice!




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