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Ranger At The Vet


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Our Grey, Ranger, who turns 12 this month is at the Vet's office today. He has been losing weight and is just *right*. Had him in for blood work in October and his Creatinine was a but elevated. Have put him on Senior food but he has little appetite. He has always been a picky eater. He has also not had a cough, but rather more like clearing his throat for some time. He would on occasion, throw up bile (usually due to an empty stomach). Vet had me trying Pepcid but can't say that made much of a difference. He has a lump on his sternum that I had the Vet aspirate when he was last in but was told it was fat and oil. Now, there a couple more lumps. I told my Vet to do a chest x-ray also. We should have the blood work back today and I'll go pick him up this evening.

Some good thoughts would be appreciated.


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Best of luck to you and Ranger. I know just having a 10-year-old makes me nervous! Hopefully, he'll be fine. If nothing obvious turns up, I'd be looking closely at thyroid, even if a screening T4 is at the low end of the normal range. And is there any chance he could have picked up hookworm?


Hoping you get it sorted out quickly.

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Well, stupid me didn't think to have them check his thyroid. Wonder if that will be included in the blood work, which is going to cost a small fortune as it is. I'll mention it to my Vet when I pick him up.


Very slight chance it is a parasite but, and he has never done this before, he messed in the car on the way to the Vet then had a bowl movement in the office also. I know it is because DH didn't have time to walk him this morning and I thought he had gone outside. Since he did go at the office, I asked them to run a stool.


Just can't shake the possible kidney and/or cancer issues.


What is LP???

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Went to pick up Ranger at the Vet's office at 5:00 PM. He had most of the blood work back and nothing really looks out of wack but maybe his kidney function but that is not extremely elevated. He did the x-rays and doesn't really see anything either. Not all the blood work was back but he called me at home later to let me know the WBC was normal. He did say Ranger had been panting all day and he did have a heart rate of 160, which could have been stress from being there. He wants me to bring him back in the morning to get a BP on him. He only weighed in at 54.5 lbs!!!!!! Vet said he obviously doesn't look well but we are stumped. He gave him a light anesthetic to get the x-ray and said it would be out of his system quickly (forget what he said it was). Well, this dog came home and continued panting like crazy for at least an hour. I laid him down and did some massage until he calmed down and dozed off. When he was walking, his back legs seemed weak and pulled in. He again refused to eat but did drink a good amount of water twice. He did something he has *never* done. When I let him out for the last time tonight, he was walking better but didn't want to come back in the house. I had to actually follow him around the yard to get hold of him. Very odd. He's in his bed now, not panting and with his favorite toy. We'll see how the night goes.

So, pretty normal blood work and x-rays didn't show much in the chest. The last 2 or 3 days, he just seems to be skin and bones.

Any ideas? Anyone gone through this?

I have been feeding him the Blue Senior food for some time and sometimes add some canned food or cooked chicken to try to get him to eat. I also sometimes mix the Blue with some Pro Plan Salmon for sensitive stomach, which he has eaten on and off for some time.

My dog is wasting away and I don't know why!!! :(

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How are his teeth?

When they won't eat, I'll usually try one Pepcid (10mg famotidine) about 40 minutes before I plan to offer food, and I'll move right on to non-oversalted, not-too-fatty people food. Gently cooked meats, noodles in tomato sauce, scrambled eggs, toast with peanutbutter, graham crackers, canned tuna ....


Hugs and best luck with your boy.

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I have no answers, only prayers that you find what's wrong and Ranger starts to feel better. :bighug

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I hope you are able to find out what is going on with Ranger and that you can get him to eat some. It is very worrisome when our pups get old and start to lose weight.

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Many prayers for Ranger.


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Thanks for the ideas.

Thyroid was a little low but Vet said nothing to worry about and not low enough to treat. Said if he treated him for hypothyroid, he would lose more weight.


I started the Pepcid again today, thanks. Got ID canned food from the Vet and mixed that with some chicken. He ate a little then walked away. I think I'll try cooking up some rice and see if that will help. He will and won't eat treats.


I took over the contact information for Dr. Couto and Dr. Stack. Don't know that my Vet will contact them but he has the info.


Ranger seems fine today, well as fine as a 12 year old can be. His heart rate is much lower at home when he is relaxed. Averages around 80 as compared to 180 at the Vet's office!!!


I was really thinking we were going to be dealing with renal issues but nothing is extremely elevated.


Keep thinking those good thoughts and thanks!!

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Sending good thoughts to Ranger. I wonder if that "cough" is really LP?? Also, sounds like your boy has a lipoma on his chest-- it's a very common location for them-- wonder if he just has a few more?? Keep us posted!



Since you mentioned it, I asked my Vet this morning about the LP. He said he is sure that is not the problem or he would have other and worse symptoms.


Ranger had a soft, small lump at the base of his sternum that I had the Vet aspirate when I had him in this past Oct or Nov. It was fat and oil. He has two more small lumps the Vet checked while doing the x-ray yesterday and said they are the same.

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Ranger has an appt tomorrow at another Vet's office for an ultrasound.


This Vet has ultrasound equipment but is not really certified (?) in that field but my Vet's office said he is pretty good. The only other option is to wait for radiologists that go to other offices (they travel, I guess). Earliest I could get in to one of them was the 17th and I don't want to wait that long.

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