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Lizzie had something similar years ago (maybe 5+ years ago) and we finally did the ultrasound and the found that she had Kidney Disease. This was many years ago and she is doing fine and is currently hogging my couch. It is treated with a Rx diet. Might be worth a shot if they vet is out of ideas. Hope he's feeling better soon.

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Diabetes or high blood pressure come to mind. Also, a neutered male and sudden peeing makes me think enlarged prostate.




Prostate was what I thought of as well. When Red's was enlared, he had peeing problems, too. He took atbs especially for the prostate, and he got better.


Hope you find out what is going on. Jabari is a sweetie :)


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Back from the ultrasound. Everything looked normal for a senior dog, which is great but also frustrating. My vet said she is going to do some research and get back to me on what the next step is. She mentioned a few things that would not show up on an ultrasound, but who knows. I guess I will wait and see if the abx help and if he gains any weight with an even bigger increase in food.


I got to hold Jabari while the guy did the ultrasound and he explained what we were seeing and why each thing was normal or normal for a senior. Did I mention I LOVE my vet!

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That's good that things are looking normal, but I agree it must be frustrating not to know exactly what is wrong so you can correct it for him.


I know how much you love him, and he's such a sweet little guy (except for the time he threw up in my lap :lol) and I'm hoping he gets better soon.

Lake Jackson, Texas
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Oof! Sorry you aren't getting the answers you need, but it sounds like your vet is doing everything right! :thumbs-up Hope you are able to get this mystery figured out soon.

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Continued best wishes....


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Small update on Jabari: I took him to an internal medicine specialist today. She talked to me for quite awhile about the possible causes and courses of action we can take from here. He is still peeing frequently and despite feeding him a ton, has not gained any weight (though he hasn't lost any more, so that is good), and he's been acting a bit strangely. She did a sterile urine culture today, and he is now on Baytril and Clavamox since the Amoxicillin did not help. I just hope these new meds do the trick, my poor boy has already been through so many tests :(

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:goodluck Hoping the culture gives you some answers and that the new meds help Jabari get better quickly.

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