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Help! They Got Into The Comfortis


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I don't know how many, or who ate what, but I had 4 Comfortis tablets for 60-120lb dogs on the counter ready to give them with their dinner. I laid down for a little over an hour and found the tablets all gone. I've given them hydrogen peroxide and they've all vomited. I didn't see any remnants of the tablets though. God I hope it wasn't too late and they're going to okay.My hands are shaking trying to type this.

What else should I do?

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Guest KennelMom

call the number for the company and find out what the protocol would be, assuming one greyhound-sized dog at all four.


eta: you are probably ok. the bits probably dissolved pretty quickly in their stomach which is why you aren't necessarily seeing any bits. Having vomit as soon as you realized what happened was the best thing to do...

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Here's the link to the ASPCA Poison Control Centre. If you're not happy with your answers, call them at the below number.


(888) 426-4435

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