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Dry Skin


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My foster has really dry skin. He drinks a ton of water & I give him fish oil capsules (one pill twice/day - they are from Sams) yet he has a lot of dandruff. I have looked him & my pets over, no sign of fleas. I really don't want to put a humidifier in my apartment, although I know the air is dry here in Michigan with winter coming. So, any suggestions on what to add to his diet? I am currently feeding him TOTW Pacific Stream.


Could this be because he is blowing his track coat & I just need to brush him more? I brushed him yesterday & got a fair amount of hair off of him, which is what kicked up a lot of dandruff.

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it takes a minimium of 6 weeks for anything to start working and for him to blow his old coat. blowing coat can be helped by brushing or using a soft rubber curry comb(a rubber oval w/ notches found at a tack shop) but nature just has to take it's course, it might take longer. i found that lakse cronch cold pressed fish oil works the best. tried capsules,olive oil, bacon fat, nupro and old fashioned linatone- no luck and i like regulating the # of pumps out of the bottle. felix and annie are 77# and 62# the each get 4 pumps/squirts per day and have wonderful skin and coats. the only other thing i occasionally suppliment w/ are probiotics. i'm not big on suppliments. doggiefood.com is running a sale, 15% off currently, that's where i buy my oil, 88 oz lasts nearly 1/2 a year.


oh, what color is he??? blacks are notorious for dandruff!

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