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Does Anyone Else Have A Dog On Low Dose Antibiotics?

Guest Stripeyfan

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Guest Stripeyfan

On Monday night, after speaking to our vet, I tried dropping Kelly's current dose of oxytetracycline, which he's on to help control his IBD, from 500mg/day to 250mg (he was originally on 1500mg/day). Unfortunately by Thursday night he had the big D again, with lots of mucus in it like he does whenever we've tried stopping them altogether (sorry of that's TMI!), so I've put the dose back up.


My question for others on here who also have dogs on low-dose ABs to control GI symptoms is what sort of dosage do they have to have, and how long have they had to be on them? Our vet says if he has to stay on 500mg/day it doesn't worry her as it's such a low dose for his size, but I'd be interested to hear what experiences others have had with this sort of thing.



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