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My mom's vet suggested that she try benadryl when taking her dog in the car, because she (the dog) can't relax. Anyway, not sure how to figure the dose. She weighs 50lbs. Thanks!


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1mg of benedryl for each pound of body weight. It might make the dog drowsy at first, but not all dogs get sleepy from it. My vet says you can dose them with benedryl every 6-8 hours.

My dogs take more, but they worked up to a larger dose. Benedryl has never made my dogs drowsy, just more laid back. :)

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I tried Benedryl instead of the Valium the vet prescribed for Carl when we had a 4+ hour car ride. It worked LIKE A CHARM and is much easier and cheaper than Valium. Just be sure to give it to the dog at least 45 - 60 min before the ride. I gave Carl 2 and it really made a difference. It was a much safer drive for all of us.

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