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Sparks Is Slowly Eating Raw Again-Yay


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He refused his raw last month- I'm blaming the predinose. I've been wearning him off (per my vet) and gave him his last pill Monday.

I offered a chicken qtr which he didn't eat right away so I closed him in the spare room and about 5 mins later, he barked. I let him out and he had eaten it :yay

Gave him one for dinner last night-same thing, didn't eat right away.

He ate both at his meals today :yay


I'm hoping he's finally back to eating again


Kari and the pups.
Run free sweet Hana 9/21/08-9/12/10. Missing Sparks with every breath.
Passion 10/16/02-5/25/17

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Guest cyndiandsaoirse

Saoirse eats RAW too- and sometimes she goes through fazes where she won't eat her bones. So, I switch it up. Turkey, chicken, duck, etc. I think she gets bored with the same old thing- I've had her for 9 years now, so that's a lot of turkey! :lol

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Great news Kari! :yay Keep it up Sparks!


Jen, CPDT-KA with Zuri, lab in a greyhound suit, Violet, formerly known as Faith, Skye, the permanent puppy, Cisco, resident cat, and my baby girl Neyla, forever in my heart

"The great thing about science is that you're free to disagree with it, but you'll be wrong."

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