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Food Question

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Ellie had a nasty bout of GI problems two weeks ago - colitis, HGE and blood test came back positive for pancreatitis. Both the e-vet and our regular vet suggested moving her to a low-fat diet. Right now she's on the Hill's prescription stuff and she's doing OK on it - eating well, poops pretty good. We're going to keep her on this for a little while, but I was wondering if it's OK to give her some of the add-ins and occasional treats we used to. For example, she used to get Grizzly salmon oil with her food every night with dinner, but we've stopped since she came out of the hospital. Is that something we can continue with? If not, any suggestions for a less fatty way of getting her something for her coat? And peanut butter was a favorite of hers - is an occasional dab OK?


Looking ahead, I want to eventually move her off the Hill's stuff and onto something else. Right now I'm liking what I've been reading about Wellness Core Reduced Fat, which is between 9-10%. Is that low enough or should we be looking even lower? I also had some concern about the protein level of 33% - does it make a difference, or should we be looking lower on that end as well?


Sorry for all the questions, and thanks for any help!

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All I can tell you is what I have done with Poodle. He absolutely almost died from pancreatitis. For a while I had him on boiled chicken and rice and then shortly afterward it was evident that his pancreas was so scarred he became diabetic (something to look for if the water bowl empties quickly).


I told my vet I was not feeding Hill's crap with cellouse so we started off with Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Ultra light which is 6%. He did well on it but the diabetes board convinced me to go to Wellness Core reduced fat. After two big bags but his numbers did not come down as I'd hoped (I hoped to reduce his big insulin dose a bit with diet) so I went back to the Natural Balance Ultra light. We have been walking a tightrope with pancreatitis (needs low fat) and diabetes (needs low carb) but the NB seems to sit well for him.


As far a treats he has been getting one little soft bad for you treat a day and then chicken jerky or chips, chicken wrapped yams and milkbones.


...nothng pork related at all in any form. My vet said it just tears them up more than anything else. Might take a pass on the salmon oil too...

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After Bubba's bout with pancreatitis we also went to the Natural Balance Ultra light (reduced calorie) and foundit worked well for him.


Karen with Mabel (Googly Spin b 1/06- ), Fidel (galgo b c2013), and bridge kids Dublin (J's Texmex 1996-12/31/01), Daisy (Assurance 8/8/95-9/26/07), and Bubba (Kelsos Irony b 5/99-8/19/10)

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I also know what it's like to deal with feeding a diabetic dog, I watch my mom's bichon on occasion and she has diabetes. Only a few little treats per day, chosen carefully. And she has bladder stones in addition to the diabetes, so it's a hell of a time finding food for her, as she needs low-carb/ higher protein for the diabetes, but low protein/ higher carb for the bladder stones. Really sucks.


As far as food goes, the thing that gives me pause about the Natural Balance is that she's gotten tired of every flavor of NB we've tried with her. Even now, when she has a great appetite, she turns her nose up at the few pieces of Duck and Potato I've offered her. It's the only bit of food she's refused since coming out of the hospital.


Would a more concentrated form of fish oil work? maybe something in a pill? Her coat is just suffering right now, I'd hate to have to keep her off it for good.

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