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Food Fight

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I can't believe this happened. Tornado and Finn just got fed. They get 2 cups of their kibble in the evening. Their bowls are apart from one another- separated by a large chest freezer. For whatever reason, as they were eating, Tornado went over to Finn as he was eating and attempted to get his food (Tornado had been "served" first, so he did have his own). Finn, of course, defended his food and they had a short fight. Tornado came away dripping blood (although on close inspection it's just one nick on his nose and stopped bleeding quickly).


As a side note, there was a bag (double bagged) of chicken bones on top of the freezer, out of their reach and waiting to be taken to the outside trash, in between them. But Finn wasn't going for it and neither was Tornado. That's the only thing I can figure as to the reason this happened. Otherwise, I am stunned. Tornado does have space aggression, fear aggression, etc, but Finn was no where near him and had not made a move to go near Tornado.


Any comments or ideas about this? I can't muzzle them while they are eating. Will I just need to stand between them when they eat now? My DH was with them and stopped it quickly and I came running too....

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Can you crate them (or one), or use an ex-pen?


All of mine are crated (except Manero), so they can't mess with anyone while eating.


Another thought would be to feed them in different rooms, separated by lots of space and a door or baby gate.

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I never leave my dogs alone when feeding them. Due to space they have to eat within a few feet of each other and sometimes need a reminder of manners. No one is allowed to approach any bowl other than their own. Not even allowed to look at the other dog while they are still eating. Zero rudeness allowed. Once they know the rules I can keep half an eye on them instead of my full attention


They know to leave the room when they are finished. Then when everyone is finished they come back and play lick my neighbours bowl clean. LOL




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Guest TeddysMom

All of mine are fed in different locations and no food is left out. Once they are all done eating, the bowls are picked up before they are turned out. I do have several that will fight over food so I can't take the chance. Sorry you babies got into to a tiff and I am glad that no one got hurt worse.

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