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Corns, Corns, Go Away!

Guest GriffinsMom

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Guest GriffinsMom

I have been using the Corn/Callus cream form Murray Avenue Apothecary on Miles corns since March of this year with some success. When I needed to reorder the cream I spoke with the pharmacist and asked for any recommendations they had to better treat the corns. What she suggested, and what I have been using for three months now, is Hyaluronic Acid Serum, to soften the toe pads, and works much better than soaking his feet in salt water or olive oil, in addition to the Corn/Callus cream. The Hyaluronic Acid Serum is applied to the affected toe pads, the foot is wrapped in Saran Wrap for 20 minutes, then the Corn/Callus cream is applied and baby socks put on Miles feet to keep him from licking them. The Corn/Callus cream is absorbed after about 20 minutes. I do this once a day every day but try to apply twice a day when I can.


4 of the 5 corns on his feet are gone! The last corn that we are working on was huge. It originally covered about one third of his toe pad but is now down to about 3mm. It was rather creepy the first time his toe pads peeled off from the treatment but the corns have not reappeared. I still apply the cream once a week as a preventative but I am very happy with the success we have had.


Once I really became diligent about applying the Hyaluronic Acid Serum and the Corn/Callus cream I had much more success in treating Miles corns than when I was just applying the cream once a day and not using anything to soften the pads. He still needs to wear TheraPaws but that is partly due to the corns and partly due to a bad disc in his spine.

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Guest TeddysMom

Thank you, thank you for this information. I just posted on the other corn thread about this new boys corns. He just got here this weekend, I hulled as much as I can, have been using the Hyaluronic Adid Serum twice a day also then put duck tape over that. I will start soaking his feet today. I hope I can get him some relief.

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VISIT www.murrayavenuerx.com for updates and breakthrough news about treatment of Greyhound corns! We are now selling a Greyhound Combo Kit for 10% off the regular price. (normally $119, discounted price of $107.10)


Have a Greyt Weekend,

Erica Trimble, PharmD

Susan Merenstein, R.Ph./Owner

Murray Avenue Apothecary



4227 Murray Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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