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Arlie Has Anal Gland Trouble

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Arlie has had anal gland issues for some time. She needs to have them expressed regularly or she ruptures - she just can't empty them on her own.


This past week when we took her in, the vet couldn't express the one on the right side in the usual way because there was no opening. She (the vet) had to create an opening to do it. No infection, but an unusual situation - as if Arlie's skin had grown over the opening. This is not our usual vet, but she's from Australia and has worked as a track vet - she has a ton of GH experience. She said she's never encountered this situation before. I was given Panalog and told to clean and treat the area twice daily until our recheck (which will include the examining vet plus our regular vet) on Monday (tomorrow).


Has anyone had any experience with something similar?

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Yes in fact one of Bobbers that ruptured actually quit working and the vet can't express it anymore. What SOLVED Bobbers problem was believe it or not "The Missing Link" supplement. Bobbers holistic vet reccommended it and said it has had good success in anal gland issues. Since I have been giving it to her- NO MORE ANAL GLAND PROBLEMS- going on 2 years now. I don't know anything other than this but needless to say she gets it everyday now!:)

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Guest goofydog

No experience or advice Mary, just wishes that Arlie is recovering comfortably and getting lots of extra loving. Not that she needs extra, but Get Em sends his special healing slurps to his main squeeze(pun intended!) Feel better soon sweetie.

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