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Loud Gut Noises, And Loss Of Hair On Nose

Guest millieb

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Guest millieb

Hi Everyone,


My husband and I rescued two beautiful Greys here in Kent, Minnesota, USA. One of them is a Male we call Maximus. He is 5 years old,

and has always had these loud growling noises from his gut in the morning usually. He then won't eat his morning and afternoon meals, and

is lethargic the whole day, (feeling lousy). He picks up the next day, and can get back to normal pretty quickly. I'm worried the vet and I are

missing something and that one day it will be to late to help him. I'm checking about Addison's disease, and wondering if I should get a full

Thyroid panel. If anyone has any previous experience with this, could they share that with me?


Thanks to everyone,


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Not sure what you mean he won't eat his "morning and afternoon" meals? Is he not eating at all?


I would not jump to thyroid issues; could be that what you're feeding him doesn't agree with him. How's his weight? Is he vomiting? Is this once in a while, or often?


Most Greyhounds seem lethargic to people who aren't used to them.


I'd start with the basics before I paid for a full thyroid panel; bloodwork, fecal, and urine. If those are all normal, I'd consider changing his diet.


Susan,  Hamish,  Mister Bigglesworth and Nikita Stanislav. Missing Ming, George, and Buck

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Try giving him a bedtime treat to cut back on the stomach growling in the morning. Quite often, an empty stomach can cause a reaction like an upset stomach, with the dog throwing up bile (yellow liquid), having gurgling noises, and demonstrating a reluctance to eat because the stomach is queasy from being empty.


As for hair on the nose--where's he losing it? Is he left wearing a muzzle? Can you give us pictures?

Kathy and Q (CRT Qadeer from Fuzzy's Cannon and CRT Bonnie) and
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Are you not feeding him an evening meal? What are you feeding him?

Have you tried pepcid?



Which group did you adopt from? Have you been in contact with them?


Is your vet grey savvy?


Kari and the pups.
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