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Bloodwork Today

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Took DesiRay to work with me today for his "mani/pedi" & while he was there, I decided to have the lab run a cbc/profile just for

informational purpose. He's been with me since March; he had a nail problem then & has been on Metacam pretty consistantly, so I

decided I wanted to compare bloodwork done in March to see if the Metacam has affected liver or kidney functions.


Everything looks fine, except he has an elevated calcium. My lab shows normals as 8 - 12. In March, it was 11.9; borderline high.

Not enough to worry about......now it's 13.7


I've read that elevated calcium level MAY indicate the "big C" lurking somewhere.


Shall I panic now? Or just worry myself sick for a month & then test again.


Any opinions?


Thanks, all. Kathy & DesiRay

Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.

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Wouldn't panic. Would just retest in a bit.


Will he need metacam forever and ever, or is that something that could be stopped?

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I've tried weaning his Metacam down. Can only cut back so far & he starts ..... not really limping, but he really slows down on

walks. He just seems so much happier & "prancier" when he's on it. We've x-rayed shoulders, hips, spine, (back in the summer) nothing evident.


I'm thinking in Nov. I'll do bloodwork again & x-ray his whole durn body, even it it takes 12 views.

Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.

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