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Jaw Spasms ?

Guest SusanP

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My gut is telling me something is wrong with Dr. Doug, 10 1/2. The vet wasn't concerned that he seems a bit more inclined to beg for food and that he isn't lifting his hind legs as high as he should on walks (his rear toenails are getting very worn down). But gradually, we're also seeing more and more a sort of jaw spasm. Now, Doug has always chattered when he's excited, and this often happens when something interests or excites him, but it's different--stronger and slightly less regular, not quite as quick, mouth open a shade wider. And a number of times he's yelped in pain--at the time we thought he'd bit his tongue somehow (since we didn't see it happen, only saw him licking and moving his mouth after), but today he got mildly excited thinking I was about to leave (and give him a biscuit) and he crouched right in front of me, and his jaw started going, and he yelped once. Then his jaw kept going a couple of seconds more.


I'm guessing our vet will brush this off, so I want to know what this sounds like to you before I take him in. My fear would be a neurological problem--and we've lost 2 hounds to different mystery neuro problems in the last 3 years. I can't believe the odds if something like this is happening to Doug now.


What are your thoughts?


ETA he is on thyroid meds, and his levels were just checked within the month.

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Sounds like a bit of hind end weakness - probably LS, but could be arthritis setting in, or a number of other things. As far as the chattering, I think you're right about him biting his tongue when chattering. If he's getting a bit uncoordinated and loosing muscle tone as he ages, then that could be what's happening.


Good luck.

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I'd get his teeth checked ASAP.

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Bullet started doing the jaw spasms when his heart condition was getting worse. Just a guess but it doesn't seem like it would indicate a particular disease, rather just a sign that something not too good may be going on inside.



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