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This just seems so strange to me and so far, I haven't been able to stop it. We've had Maggie for almost 11 months. This behavior has been ongoing since the beginning. DH and I are both retired. He is generally gone in the mornings and I'm a slow getter-upper so I don't leave the house until hours later so Maggie is generally home alone few hours during the day. On the occasion that we are out together for several hours, everything is fine with Maggie. She doesn't seem to care when we leave. In the evening, however, we are out most nights anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. I'd say 90% of the time she will pee and/or poop (sometimes both) while we're gone. She is always out right before we leave. We've tried crating which just created other issues. If I block her in an area she seems to be able to move heavy chairs, etc. and get out. She pees/poops in the livingroom or diningroom. Last night we blocked her out of the lr and dr with an opened x-pen with chairs up against it. She stayed confined but peed on the familyroom rug which she has never done before. I can't use pressure gates because my doorways are all arched with no frames to stop the gate from being able to be pushed out. If we block her into an area that just has stone floors, it will involve several heavy x-pens and moving heavy chairs up against them almost every night and having the issue of having them in the way during the day.


Why would a dog be fine during the day but pee/poop in the house in the evening? The house is never dark, the tv is on for her and she doesn't seem to care when we leave. Help, help, help :wacko: So far, she's not been afraid of anything - roached within two hours of being here and spends most of her time roaching, storms are okay, fireworks are okay, four young grandkids are her playmates when they're here.


Oh - and the behavior was the same when Dusty was still here.

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Guest mbfilby

If she is actually going potty before you leave at night and then going in the house when you are away for 30 minutes, this is likely mild SA. It is likely that she is fine during the day because she is sleeping and is more active during the evening. This is the case with our hounds. They sleep all day and have active periods in the evening. Also, pups will usually need to eliminate 1/2 to 2 hours after eating. If you are feeding just before you leave then are gone for 2 hours, she likely has to go.


I suggest crating. You mention that it lead to other issues, but what are those issues? Are they manageable?


The other option it to purchase permanently mounted large expanse gates for the arch doors where you can gate her in to a easily cleaned area.

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I don't see anywhere where part of her daily routine is a long walk where she can truly empty herself. Most of my dogs have never truly gotten it all out of their system unless they get some exercise along with the little 'relief' breaks. Barring that I would suggest thinking about a fenced dog run with a dog door access.

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