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Receding Gum Line

Guest Teemu

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One of Teemu's larger top teeth in the back now has gums that have receded so far it looks like we can see the root. Or at least that's what we think it must be. This is in spite of brushing every single night with CET toothpaste. Can anyone advise how I tell whether the dark part I see where his gum line used to be is tarter buildup or the actual root? What do I do? Bring him in for a dental? I am terrified of the anesthesia; my greyhound group recently lost one of our greys who went in for a routine dental.

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Roots are not black--what your seeing is tartar--it needs to comes off. I know anesthesia can be scary but, so long as your vet performs a good physical and pre-op bloodwork you reduce anesthesia risk. Hopefully, your vet is familar with GH quirks and they have a well equipped surgical suite. I would recc. an IV Cath placed and run IV fluids during the procedure-fluids really seem to help them with quicker a recovery. Sadly, brushing will not remove the build-up you already see but, after the dent continue daily brushing. Some folks have had good results using Petzlife oral gel but, it will not be benefical if that tooth is already at the point of needing to be extracted.

Oh-I wanted to add that if the root ends up being black--it most defintely needs to be extracted--it's decaying :(

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