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Raw Food (Barf) In Madison, Wi

Guest Kayla1

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I am new here and I am looking for a Raw Food Buying Group in Madison, WI As we would like to feed our new Irish Wolfhound Puppy Girl with Raw Food. But buying it in small amounts makes it cost-prohibitive. Is there anyone who can help here perhaps?


Thank you in Advance!




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Hi Cindy! I don't have any advice on raw food, but I just wanted to say hi since I'm in Madison as well!




Thank you for the nice welcome. I know you may wonder why I am in a Greyhound Forum. first of all I love Greyhounds and may consider getting one at a later point in life as well. Second Greyhounds are very common in Madison while Irish Wolfhounds are rare. 3rd. IW's are described as larger rough coated Greyhounds. :colgate


We only want the best food for our Baby so she can have a long and healthy life. So any advise would be appreciated. As I am a newbie on Raw Food.


Thanks again.

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Guest greyhound9797

We only want the best food for our Baby so she can have a long and healthy life. So any advise would be appreciated. As I am a newbie on Raw Food.

Have you read my "Raw Feeding Basics" thread? http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/242512-raw-feeding-basics/ I copied a portion to get you started on finding a supplier in your area...


I belong to several groups related to raw feeding and cat and dog nutrition and health issues. The ones I suggest are..

http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/RawChat/ any topic on raw, including health, nutrition, vaccines, training, etc.

http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/rawfeeding/ sticks strictly to raw diet/nutrition; very busy board



http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/SighthoundsNaturally/ these last 3 are not very busy boards but are greyhound specific


Ways to save money...

Do you know any hunters? You will get a gold mines worth of food from hunting that will make me insanely jealous. Check out the supermarket ads, find out when your store reduces their meat for expiration and hit the store then. Try Sam's and WalMart but beware of the enhanced meat, most of theirs is. I found tongue and heart at WalMart tho. There are hundreds of raw food co-ops in the states that offer a large variety of raw food and natural treats. Try http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/CarnivoreFeed-Supplier/ to see what is in your area or do a google search. Many people post to Craig's List of their local Freecycle board asking for unwanted or freezer burned meat and they are successful in getting hundreds of pounds.


Good luck! It really IS the best you can do for your hounds.


Sandra in FL

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You might also want to join the forum on GPA Wisconsin's site. www.gpawisconsin.org There are a few people on there that feed RAW or have in the past, and they may be able to help you out.

Jodie D (hope to have another grey name her soon)
Missing my Bridge Babies:
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