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Limping For No Reason!

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This is my first greyhound (first dog) and he's a 3yr old big boy. Last night he woke up from a nap and started limping out of no where. He didn't want to put pressure on his right forepaw. He'd been fine all day and started to walk normally when I took him out so I figured it had just fallen asleep or cramped or something. Then this morning, he wouldn't put any weight on it again. He let me check it out and didn't yelp but didn't seem to apprecite it either. Then the same thing happened-I took him out and after a bit he was walking just fine. I've heard of limps as a result of everything from plantar warts to cancer so I'm obviously concerned. I couldn't see anything wrong with it but he wasn't acting like himself.


What tests should I make sure the vet does? Xrays for sure but is there anything else I should make sure happens? I'm waiting to hear from the vet now but to be honest, I'm not sure they are the best judge of grey health and the info I've gotten from gretalk in the past has had more expertise than the vet! I appreciate your help!


Update - He's been at the vet for 6 hours now and they've taken him out two walk twice and he's shown no signs of limping so they told me to just pick him up. How can that be when he wouldn't even walk on the leg this AM?

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Did they do xrays while he was there??




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Make sure they check his paw for corns. Corns will cause intermittent limping depending on if the surface they are walking on is hard or soft. For instance, dogs may limp on hard wood floors but not in the grass because the grass is soft. Check for foreign bodies and if you find nothing, have them x-ray the leg just to be safe.

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Now, they CAN just get a cramp if they've not had much activity for a while of if their metabolism is wrong. They CAN get tendonitis too from over-stretching if they're not warmed up for exercize. But given the current epidemic proportions of Osteo. it really makes sense to X-Ray and at least get some kind of baseline that says everything is OK.

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