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Wow, as an aside, I haven't been able to access GT on my home computer, I'm here at work and it seems to work fine, WTH?


Anyhow . . . as many of you know 1 1/2 years ago we lost our daughter. Since then we've lost my husband's mom and dad and my mom. It has been, to say the least, a very emotional home :( Maggie (our female grey - 11 years) never had problems with accidents in the house before Angi passed away. Since then, Maggie has peed in the house so much that all the carpets upstairs and down are wrecked. She's gone for many medical tests and her vet hasn't found anything "medically" that would cause this. She has always been a very happy hound but I wonder if she is feeding off my emotions and peeing in the house is the end result. We can't contain her to any one room as she get so anxious she'll just pee there. I bought a "bitch brief" but she just pees through it. My husband and I are heading towards the end of our rope with this behaviour.


Hoping someone has some suggestions. Maggie lives with her "brother" Nebraska (almost 12) and Angi's cat Max. Both dogs are walked daily morning and night (always have been) and taken out throughout the day for frontlawn pees. She doesnt seem to drink an abnormal amount of water, her appetite is fine and the most major aspect of home that has changed is that her "people" are deeply grieving but moving very positively forward with their lives.


If we could just find a way to help our adorable little girl life would be much easier!


Thanks guys.



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