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I wrote in March after adopting Blazer from a elderly couple. He did not do steps, tried to run thru my storm doors, was snapping at company. Well, we have come a long way. Blazer stopped running thru storm doors. He is very freindly now, after being socialized with people. He is a very loving good little boy. BUT, he started pooping in the house while we are at work. He are away close to 8 hrs. He also started tinkling on the floor now and then. He does get up at around 4:30 a.m. to go out. I can usually put him off till 5 to eat. He goes to bed very early at night. Usually around 7:30p.m. I tried taking him out later at night, he just stands there and looks for rabbits or squirrels and wants to go back in. Seems he only wants to elimate when he feels like it. (I do encourage him and praise him after doing so)

He has also developed a problem walking. If he sees another dog, he rears back. Most time i can get control, but its not pleasant walking.

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It sounds like a lot of his "issues" stem from being with an elderly couple. Most elderly people go to bed really early at night and get up really early in the morning, at least the ones I know do that. Maybe try and get him to play, or take a walk at the time he usually falls asleep for the night in an attempt to keep him up a little later would help. It sounds like he spent most of his time in the home and not around other people so you're basically starting from scratch with him. The going in the house may be a little separation anxiety. He may not have ever been left alone. Just speculation on my part of course.

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Getingt him some more exercise in the morning should help with any SA. Also, if he won't go when you let him out, keep him out there until he does, or leash walk him for pottying. If you need him to go earlier in the mornign or later at night you need to make sure he does.


Make sure he is going right before you leave and that he is emptying himself as much as possible.


Use treats and good timing to keep him motivated and focused during walks. Be alert yourself for any dogs or things that he has issues with and try and catch him before he reacts. Put the treat (a really yummy stinky treat) on his nose and lure him forward to keep walking, while you encourage him in a firm but friendly voice to "walk on" (or whatever words you want to use for a command).

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