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What To Give To Car-Sick Gh

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Maggie can't make it to a local meet and greet and home without vomiting in the back of the SUV (naturally she finds a corner where he can get it down a crack where it's unreachable :blink: She's a "silent puker" too. We never know when it's happened until we go to get her out the back. One of my bichons was like this and we always gave her acepromazine. Just wondering what other gh people use. We're in the process of purchasing a second home. That will mean a 10-11 hour drive, or perhaps two days, for Maggie when we are going for a period of time since she doesn't fold well enough to fit under the plane seat :lol:eek


Any other tips for traveling with a puker would be greatly appreciated i.e., when to feed, give water, etc. Thanks all.

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Guest Energy11

Oh, ,... motion/car sickness stinks!


I have no motion sick hounds, but, when I first started work on the ambulance years ago, I took Meclazine (Bonine). it is FAR less sedating than the Dramamine and works! Actually, I still take it when I have a bad migraine! Takes care of the movement sensation and nausea.


It is OK for dogs, as well. I'd give (1) tablet about 30 minutes prior to travel. Good Luck!



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We've had really good luck with Bonine for Misty. She wouldn't vomit but those of us in the front seats would have our shoulders totally soaked from her drooling.


It also seemed to help the more I would take her in the car


ETA: Quite a few people have had success with ginger as well

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Our Tessie was a puker, so we use Dramamine. Also work in frequent fun rides. If they learn that rides are fun, they tend to be less anxious. After a few months, she will look forward to the rides, and there will be much less puking.


Now a days, Tessie only gets Dramamine if the ride will be a really twisty, windey road trip.

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Guest krystolla

Try ginger snaps -- the cookies. Ginger calms the stomach without inducing sleepiness like some meds.


It worked to get my mom's first assistance dog trainee past his severe motion sickness. We couldn't give him any of the prescription stuff because it made him too dozy to work. He was about to fail the program but ginger snaps fixed his nausea. He ended up being a world traveler, going to Europe with his person. Lucky dog.

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Peanut is like that, but only if we are in someone else's vehicle :blush or if I'm not in ours. :rolleyes: I'm pretty sure for her it is stress induced, since she can go long distances in our car and no puking.


When I know we are going in someone else car I give her a Melatonin an hour before we leave. That seems to work. Anti nausea meds do nothing.

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Dramamine for my boy, too. It doesn't matter that it has a sedating effect if you're going to be in the car for a long time. You actually want him to sleep. You certainly want him to relax.


For my guys, I get up super early (say, 3 hours before we leave) and feed breakfast. Then go back to bed and get up at a more civilized hour. A little water before the trip and some at each stop. (A nervous, drooling, panting dog will dehydrate.) Give a few pieces of kibble at stops since something on the stomach seems to be more settling than absolutely nothing. Also, giving pills on an empty stomach often is not a good idea, so a few pieces of kibble with the pills is good. If Dramamine is a six-hour pill, you could give your first at the early breakfast, then give more during the day.


I have two dogs and only one gets sick. The sick boy gets the Dramamine, but both get the early breakfast, kibble-nibbles during the drive, etc. It's much easier for me to treat them both the same.


P.S. You can substitute ginger snaps for bits of kibble. But my boy doesn't do well with wheat, so I don't use the cookies.

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I've tried Dramamine and meclazine. Dramamine seems to work better, in my experience, but it may take experimentation - your dog may be different.

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