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Ok, all months are now posted. I'd like to have the images for the months selected toward the end of October so I can start cleaning them up and getting them into the calendar.


If people are still interested, we can figure out a donation thing for putting an image of your choice on specific dates (first come basis, and a limited number of days to be pictured in the month). We'll work on that in a bit if there is interest.



Please, if you haven't already, submit an image for each month that you can. The more choices I have, the better the end result will be. Please, only ONE image per month. If you submit more, I'm not going to bother looking at that post. If you changed your mind, report your post and ask us to delete it so you can post again with ONE image (or a new image to replace the old one).

I'll try to only use ONE image per person, so if I use one of mine in July or something, I will really try not to use another of my images in the calendar (unless I stick it in a date). So it is to your advantage to post an image for as many months as you can. Last year's calendar came out very nice and hopefully we can repeat that this year.



So, go through your pics and post them. Or take some and post those. ONE image per month - make it fit the theme.

Now - go to the calendar forum and start posting!

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I'm going to ask for pictures until 22 October. Then I'll start going through and selecting images so I can get this thing ready in early November for ordering.



Go take pictures to post.


I was using several images per month last year and would like to have enough good photos to pick from. I really want to see at least 2 pages full of images to make my decisions difficult.

I've seen some very nice photos posted on GT during the year - add those to the threads where they fit!

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