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Rocking Recliners - Diana's Throne.

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Our dogs are allowed on furniture - except DD's bed - her room is off-limits, and fosters are not allowed on beds.


There are comfy dog-beds all over the house.


But - when we're all hanging out in the livingroom, "prime" space becomes a premium. All humans, and greys want on the furniture. Humans get first dibs, greys fit in where they can, or have to "gasp" lay on a dogbed! :lol


Our grey, Diana, has cornered the market on a piece of prime furniture - the rocking recliner. Every grey has tried it - our other grey and a dozen fosters - and all have jumped off immediately in fear as it rocks crazily after they jump on.


Diana somehow learned to just lay down - the rocking subsides - and she's is hog heaven. :lol She's actually learned not to "jump" onto it, just "walk" up into it, and it doesn't rock as much.


We got new furniture recently, and now have 2 rocking recliners - Diana's the queen now. :lol She has 2 options, that NO OTHER DOG will DARE to try! :lol:P:blink:


When DH and DD are taking up the couch, and I'm in one of the recliners, Diana takes over the other rocking recliner and nearly smirks when the "poor" foster has to take the nice dogbed because he's too scared of the rocking recliner. :lol


She's quite cheeky about herself! :eek

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One of my grey angels, Callie, loved the rocker/recliner. She would jump up there and turn around the obligatory three times then plop down for a good rest. If my husband happened to be in the chair, she would stand in front of him and bark at him until he moved. It was so cute to watch.



Waiting at the bridge: Blaze, Rodney, Lady, Spice, Sarahlee, Callie and Baby

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