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Sonie Update & New Test Results

Guest HersheysMom

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Guest HersheysMom

For those who have kindly been following my Sonie saga, here is the latest update. Got the most recent protein/creatine ratio test results back, submitted yesterday. While it is still out of the normal range, it went down from 9.3 at the end of July to 1.5 as of now. (Normal is .5 or below) Looks like she does not have glomerulonephritis. I had to make yet another decision - we did four weeks of Baytril. The ratio is still not totally normal. The infection could be resolved and the kidneys just are repairing themselves and need more time to do so, or the nasty infection could still be hanging on. So more antibiotics or not? Well I suggested a compromise of 136 mg once a day for two more weeks, and the vet thought that was a good idea. This is half the dosage she was getting, but still within the dosage range for a dog her size. We will recheck the ratio in three more weeks.


I had also taken her off all of her supplements three days before this latest test, leaving her only on her Soloxine and Proin. I will do the same before the next test. I don't know for sure if one of her supplements contributed to the high ratio as well.


Thanks for following and I'll post her latest results in a few weeks.

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