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Buddy Has A Lump On His Foot ...

Guest DundeeToddsMom

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Guest DundeeToddsMom

I don't have a lot of info, but I need to post what I have. I've been searching the internet making my self crazy.


Buddy has this lump on his front paw right above his pad when he's laying down. WHen he stands up it is not visably.


We took him to the vet last week - she looked at it and did a needle aspirate. It was bloody when she tried. She tried a different spot and got blood again. She put them on the slide and let it dry. She called the next day and didn't recognize the cells so she sent them to the lab.


Now they want to do an x-ray and possible biopsy to see what it is. She is leary about doing biopsy since it was bleeding. She mentioned hemotona or hemionga or hemionsarcoma or something with his blood vessels.


Any ideas what this might be? It seems strange that the lump disapears when he is standing.


Please send good thougths...any info would be greytly appreciated.

Deb & Buddy (Gentile Gent)

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I'd opt for a fine needle aspirate sent to a cytologist. The most likely thing for it to be is a benign histiocytoma. Could be something nastier tho. Fingers crossed for a good report!

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Guest DundeeToddsMom

We went to the vet today. She took xrays. The bone is fine, you can see the lump. She said looks like soft tissue. She recommended surgery to remove the lump, rather than a biopsy of the lump. When she did the needle aspirate she just got blood and the lump started bleeding. She doesnt' want to do the surgery so she's recommending we go to either: Animal Cancer Imaging, Mich Vet Specialists or Oakland Vet Referrals.


I still don't understand what this is. I asked if we do the surgery could it still be the bad hemiogsarcoma and we would have to let Bud go to the bridge...she said yes.


Any suggestions?



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It could be so many things including a benign tumor. Is it just on the toe ?? If so amputation would be an option. I'm glad your vet referred you out. Larger clinics are usually 24 hours and they usually carry better pain meds. Did your vet actually send an aspirate out to the lab??

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It could be something very simple and benign. I would personally go to Michigan Vet Specialty Clinic. We are using them for Dylan's heart issues and I really like them. They have an office in Grand Rapids and in Southfield. They are very professional and very caring...Keep us posted. I am in the Grand Rapids area if you need anything...

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Guest DundeeToddsMom

The lump is on his leg in the back side right- between his foot pad and the pad on his ankle.


We've actually been to all there specialists practices with different fur kids...we are in Dearborn. I'm not sure where we are going to go, maybe after a good nite sleep that decision will be easier. :blink:


Thank you everyone for you kind thoughts.. :)

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You are not that far from Ohio State University and Dr. Couto. I highly recommend them as they see more greyhounds in a week than most vets do in a year. In any case, you might want to send a copy of test results, x-rays etc. to them for a consult. Here is all the information:


Here is info on how to contact Dr. Couto and his team. The email or phone consult is free, however a few people have been told they must sign up for the website ($50) and submit the request that way. Dr. Couto tells me that this is not true. However, if you are a member of their website, please submit your request that way because it will automate things and make record keeping for them easier. Certain chemo drugs are free; you would need to pay to have them administered.


Greyhound Health and Wellness Program

Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine

601 Vernon Tharp Street

Columbus, Ohio 43210

Phone: (614) 247-6757 or (614) 247-8490

Email: greyosu@osu.edu

Website: http://www.vet.ohio-state.edu/GHWP.htm (registration and fee now required to get full access to this site)


This email goes to the team. If Dr. Couto is traveling, you may get a quicker answer from one of his team members. Drs. Marin and Zaldivar typically respond to greyhound owners. The consult is free but if you can afford to support the program please do so. You can sign up for full access to the website ($99 per calendar year) or donate through the giving page on the website. If you decide to donate, you can double your money by giving through the Greyhound Project. Just go to this website and scroll down to the appropriate donation button: http://www.adopt-a-greyhound.org/donate.shtml. They will match the funds that you donate.


The Team:


Dr. Couto, Department Head, Greyhound Medicine, Oncology and Hematology

Dr. Lili Marin, Greyhound Health and Oncology

Dr. Sara Zaldivar, Greyhound Health and Oncology

Dr. William Kisselberth, Oncology

Dr. Cheryl London, Oncology

Dr. Cristina Iazbik, Blood Bank Director and Hematologist

Dr. Bridget Urie, Oncology Resident

Dr. Matt Sherger, Oncology Resident

Dr. Joelle Fenger, Oncology Resident

Dr. Roberta Portela, Oncology Resident

Dawn Hudson, Vet Tech

Ashley DeFelice, Vet Tech

Stacey Gallant, Vet Tech


Drs Marin and Zaldivar are originally from Spanish speaking countries. If you have trouble understanding them over the phone, you might ask for one of the other vets or vet techs to “translate”.


Dr. Couto's direct email is:


His phone number is also 614-247-6757. If he is in town, he typically returns emails in the early hours of the morning.


You should know that (in my humble opinion) they need more staff. Unfortunately finances do not permit it at this time. They do 20 to 30 greyhound consults a day along with all of their "in canine" patients. Depending on their workload there may be a wait for the consultation. If you are contacting them on an emergency basis, please let them know.

If you want to make an appointment to be seen in person/canine, you can call the main number to set up a date/time. The main number for the veterinary hospital is 614-292-3551.


If you decide to visit OSU please contact me. I may be able to put you up in a local home, provide moral support, or just help with logistics:





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