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Good Karma!


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From the time Karma first arrived at our house 3 1/2 months ago, she showed marked anxiety whenever either of us was leaving the house, when DS left for school in the morning she would stare mournfully at the door for a few minutes, when I left for work she would anxietiously follow me around and tried to get out the door with me. So from the get go I made sure leaving and coming home was not a big deal, I practiced coming and going for shorter periods of time many times, I would jingle my car keys and then not leave etc.

This morning, for the first time ever, she was on her dog bed and just watched me walk out the door from there, the same way Spud always does! Yay, big step for her, I was so happy!!!!!


Ivon, Spud, Karma & Sasha

Missing Darla (05-22-96 03-01-2010)

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:yay Good girl, Karma! Now here's your :dogcookie . Good job, Mom.

Old Dogs are the Best Dogs. :heartThank you, campers. Current enrollees:  Punkin. Annie Oooh M. 

Angels: Pal :heart. Segugio. Sorella (TPGIT). LadyBug. Zeke-aroni. MiMi Sizzle Pants. Gracie. Seamie :heart:brokenheart. (Foster)Sweet. Andy. PaddyALVIN!Mayhem. Bosco. Bruno. Dottie B. Trevor Double-Heart. Bea. Cletus, KLTO. Aiden.

:paw Upon reflection, our lives are often referenced in parts defined by the all-too-short lives of our dogs.

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