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Happy Gotcha Day Davis!


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3 years ago today, I drove from Madison down to Burlington to the kennel to meet Davis. He had broken his leg racing, and had been fostered in northern Illinois. His foster mom broughthim up to the kennel so I could meet him. It was love at first sight, for me.

Going from the track to a foster home in the country to a small apartment in downtown Madison was quite a change for him. It took him a while to get used to all the people, buses, trucks, bikes, snall dogs, etc., but he adapted. 4weeks after he came home, I took him to the GPA-WI Gala, and he knew he was home. Mom took him to see greyhounds! He relaxed so much after that day.

To celebrate his 3rd GOTCHA day, we went to the dog park for over an hour after work. He sspent lots of time sniffing dogs and trees and grass and fence. He even spent some time playing. Afterwards, we went to a pet food store and mommy got him special canned dog food for his dinner! Also, a new dog treat for desert. He is now curled up contentedly near me while I'm on my sister's computer.

Happy GOTCHA Day DAvis! My sweet-ums, my main man, my heart dog, Davis.

Rebecca and Manny

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