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Manny Really Needs Some Prayers

Guest zombrie

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Manny isn't doing well at all. I am too upset to type it all out right now but basically I was told to prepare for the worst.

Yesterday he had seizures every 6 hours. Today he is restless...all he does is cry, bark, pace, run and have focal seizures. He hasn't rested in over 14 hours...which for Manny, that is a lot...everytime he goes to rest he has a focal seizure. All medications have been doubled plus we have added Phenobarbital (so right now he is on Keppra, Potassium Bromide and Pheno) to try to stop the seizures and basically knock him out.


Please, keep Manny in your thoughts... he is a just a two year old that has so much more love to give

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:( I'm sorry. (((hugs))) to you.

~Beth, with a crazy mixed crew of misfits.
~ Forever and Always missing and loving Steak, Carmen, Ivy, Isis, and Madi.
Don't cry because it's ended, Smile because it happened.
Before you judge me, try to keep an open mind, not everyone likes your taste.

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Adding my prayers for Manny. :hope :hope

Deb, and da Croo
In my heart always, my Bridge Angels - Macavity, Tila the wannabe, Dexter, CDN Cold Snap (Candy), PC Herode Boy, WZ Moody, Poco Zinny, EM's Scully, Lonsome Billy, Lucas, Hurry Hannah, Daisy (Apache Blitz), Sadie (Kickapoo Kara), USS Maxi, Sam's Attaboy, Crystal Souza, Gifted Suzy, Zena, and Jetlag who never made it home.


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Guest Energy11

Oh no! He is such a wonderful boy. I hope he can surprise everyone. What about valium?



First of all, prayers for Manny! And, yes, I was thinking rectal Valium and/or, oral. It JUST MIGHT stop those focal seizures!


Sending love and lots of hope your way!

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Thanks everybody. I just got word that Manny is doing a little better since his latest dose of pheno.

He was given rectal Valium at midnight, and that is when the grand mals turned into focals. The vet wants to hold off on the Valium because he is so drugged up right now.


This afternoon Manny had a focal seizure and did the strangest thing that I have never heard of before, he was literally leaping in the air, like shoulder length jumps. He did that at least 5 times until the seizure stopped. Is this normal??


I knew something was so weird about the vet visit yesterday... the vet admitted to giving him a different drug yesterday that was supposed to be specifically for dogs with seizures and it's not supposed to set them off. Makes me so angry because after his last surgery, Manny was seizure free, why didn't he do the same thing this time since it worked for him???!!! This is so upsetting...all of this is because of one stupid pin sticking out of his leg.

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Sending lots of prayers and huge :grouphug:grouphug to you, poor Manny, he deserves better.

Roberta & Michael with Furkids- Flower (Shasta Flowers 6/7/06) & Rascal the kitty - Missing our sweet angels - Max(M's Mad Max) 10/12/02 - 12/3/15, Sara (Sara Raves 6/30/01 - 4/13/12) Queenie & Pandora the kitties - gone but never forgotten

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