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Guest WhiteWave

Sometimes it seems like yesterday when we went to the kennel to look at the Greyhounds. I didn't like the skinny dogs, but my family wanted one. I went along to make sure they got the "prettiest" one! Well I went down the aisle and most didn't even get up and acknowledge me, then this big hound came bouncing up and put his paws on the kennel door. I had them bring that one out and he went into the play area with my Dobe and JRT mix to see if they would get along. They did, so home we came. Little did I know he would change my mind about the breed and become my best friend.


Casey was a special boy. He was not only the prettiest hound around, he was funny, smart, and my shadow. He went everywhere with me and he always made me laugh. He got along beautifully with Zeus and Pongo. I called them the 3 stooges! They were all about the same age, just a few months apart and did everything together.


He was taken way too soon by the awful osteo, but he will always be remembered. Thanks to him, I learned about the wonderful breed and got hooked on them.


But he was my first, and will always have that special place in my heart.


I miss you Casey.


White Wave aka Casey

June 4th, 1998 to September 16, 2005

















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