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Corns At The Earliest Stage;


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Just wrote this & it was so long I'll try to condense it more. Searched H&M for pics of corns but only found ones of very obvious corns. Am not sure what a less obvious, just appearing corn looks like. Also wondering if some dogs have corns & discomfort on some surfaces but do not react to finger or fingernail pressure on the pad. Here's history:


1. Girly Grey has been examined by two vets recently for other issues & toes/pads on all feet were examined without finding corns. One is not only GH savvy vet but also a GH owner.

2. Pads had been dry, smooth to the point of being slick. Moisturizers helped. When diagnosed hypo-t & started on meds pads improved & became more supple. Now the pads are getting a bit slick again.

3. Girl had been sliding on some smooth floors. See #2. Sliding had stopped but slipped again this week. Note: Nails are trimmed & not the cause, though working on getting even shorter to prevent another Bambi on Ice incident if she slips again.

4. She's started walking very carefully on rougher surfaces like asphalt. Figured that may be from Summer heat. Have worked to limit need & keep us moving. Is also going even slower on gravel. Has never liked gravel anyway but it is now worse. Has had vet exams since started & I really thought it related to front toe probs, joints not pads.

5. During Summer I noticed a couple of pad with spots that were lighter color, pale & almost pinkish. Pinkish didn't jive with corns & spots were not, still are not reactive to pressure. Now those spots are not pink but still paler than the rest of the black pads. Girls is dark brindle, btw. All pads have always been solid black to the best of my memory. Spots are same texture as the rest of the pads & pressure on those areas doesn't seem to bother her.


So this Saturday we had quite a scare. Went to event, parked on gravel & had some distance to walk to reach better footing. Was fine when she hopped out of van but as we walked she went slow, really lagging. Got to sidewalk, went a short distance with her continuing to lag. I stopped to check & give her a minitue. Then watched as her back end started sinking! She was standing like a show line GSD. Tried walking again but it got worse. Told BF to go get van & bring it around. Honestly thought it was some back or spine thing. Looked like a DM dog trying to stand still & slowly loosing rear. BF hadn't gotten far when she improved. Walked a bit & she recovered. Remained fine. We couldn't decide if she did something hopping out of van like muscle thing or it was remaining pain from gravel or... and this I fear... some indication of back problem. So I am trying to decide if those lighter colored, though same texture spots on her pads are the beginning of corns. In the mean time I am watching for any signs of discomfort on smoothish but hard surfaces or anything that could indicate of back problem. She has another vet appt coming up. Will move it up if


And no I wonder, perhaps if I made her a makeshift padded booties for back feet to see how she walked on pavement wearing it if that may give a clue as to whether it was her pads or something else. Saturday scared me but she's been fine since including running in yard Sat. & Sun.


ETA: I hate Greyhound feet! Why such long legs & running speed with itty bitty feet?!

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