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Panacur From A Compounding Pharmacy?

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At the kennel we used to have big orange bottles of meat flavored panacur liquid from a compounding pharmacy. I think that place is gone now, and I'd like to get some liquid panacur.


Actually what I also need to know is if the compounded liquid panacur is any cheaper than the granules...with 5 dogs I'm looking to save some money and buying the granules from the vet isn't cheap.


I can get a pound (I think of the granules) through the kennel for $250, but, I don't exactly have that kind of money right now.


I just want the good liquid stuff that they love and I can't seem to find anything. I know Drs. Foster and Smith do compounding, but I'd have to call them and ask if they could compound Panacur and how much it would be.


Have you used any other places?

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Guest GreysAndMoreGreys

There is a liquid product called Safe Guard. It's the same exact thing as Panacur liquid and can be found at just about any farm supply or tack shop.


I would have to guess that will be the cheapest way. IIRC a big bottle that easily wormed the whole kennel (65 dogs) cost around $125 and we still had some left over.

Here's a link just so you know what the bottle looks like :)

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