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Another One?

Guest stufts

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So we've had Lola for about six months now--she's 7 and has anxiety when left alone...poops in the house, whines when we leave, etc. It got better for a while but now she seems to be doing it again when left alone! She is still on anxiety meds too.


Part of me was wondering if maybe another dog would help with her anxiety? Anyone have any thoughts about this? We already have two kids and a cat though so I'm not sure that it is feasible to add another greyhound to our home. We love her dearly for sure! Part of me has wondered if she would be happier in another home with another greyhound, if we decide that it is unrealistic to get another one.


Ugh, that would be last resort..I'm just spewing out thoughts...it's been a long six months dealing with this and I did think that by now they anxiety would have gone away. She is the sweetest, most gentle girl in the world and we all want here...but, I cannot keep living with poop in the house every day... :( Please help!


Any thoughts, input, etc??


Thank you!



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I feel ya. Accidents are no fun to come home to every day. Been there.


In my experience, yes. It does help having another greyhound. It may not completely solve the problem but it certainly makes a difference. Actually, a second greyhound was a lot easier for me than just one because they've always got a buddy. I got my second six weeks after my first!


I haven't been keeping up with your SA journey, so forgive me if this has been brought up, but do you sufficiently wear her out before you leave the house? Have you done much "alone training" with her?

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Greyhounds are social animals and have been raised around other hounds all their lives so some do respond to having another greyhound in the home. There are those that do perfectly well being an only dog though. Is there any way you could have a friend with a hound come over for a visit and see how your girl does? Maybe you could foster a hound to see how your girl responds.

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Guest Lgyure85

DAP collar has done wonders for Maddie. It took a week or so to really start working, but after that it was like she was a new dog! We also started leaving everything off (lights, tv, radio, etc.) and for some reason that seemed to help. Maybe it helps her sleep more, instead of being awake and concerned?). Whatever the case is, good luck!!

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